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        40. Re: Target finders...

        They have to always have something in the game that caters to "noobs". TF helps people who have a hard time with target recognition. Most people who defend it are somewhat correct in that it isn't an "easymode" attachment but it is maybe more beneficial than anything besides dualband for finding people hiding in the back or in bushes etc. There are some things that need tweaked, delay for the diamond to show, no color change/sound cue when someone has cold blooded, stop highlighting people who aren't visible yet *probably fixed by delay* are the main ones. Nobody can rightly say it's not a "nooby" attachment though.

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          41. Re: Target finders...

          It's training wheels for a video game, however it doesn't really bother me if you need it, I understand.

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            42. Re: Target finders...

            Oh Hi Decree. So, that was YOU that my LMG + Target Finder was mowing down. Constantly.


            Nice to meet you!

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              43. Re: Target finders...

              if you hate the TF then you haven't run into me and my buddies with our Dual Bands. I outshoot snipers and TF users alike with the DB and always go positive when using either the TF or DB scope. it's a part of the game, it's not OP, it can be countered and it's certainly not nooby.


              to say the TF is nooby is like saying laying in the grass in the back of the spawn next to the hay barn on Standoff is nooby. no i don't agree with such a tactic but if that guy gets me good for him i'll change up my pace to hunt him down and shoot him out. i don't agree with the guys that hide in dark corners across the map but Treyarch out those dark corners there on purpose and they gave me a TF to see the guy hiding there.


              stop the chickenhead running and use more tact is all i have to say about that.

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                44. Re: Target finders...

                YEAH......be a REAL DBAG and toss an emp grenade..........now that is being a "noob"...which is a dumb word by the way.

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                  45. Re: Target finders...

                  yet one more thread with more complaints.

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                    46. Re: Target finders...

                    * Nobody can rightly say it's not a "nooby" attachment though.


                    this is a matter of opinion, there is no "fact stating this attachment is ment for noobs.. Ive seen all kinds of players and talents using this attachment.. I am an avid user of the TF on LMG's and AR's to say only noobs use this is incorrect. people get so hurt over getting killed by this atatchment, honestly i dont get it.. i use the thing, I also get killed by it.. either way it wasnt going to change the outcome.. I have also used all lmg's and ars without the attachment and still mainatain my current kd.


                    the people who normally complain about the attachment are players who abuse the dynamics of the game, and use the flaws of it as a crutch ie. head glitching


                    everyone this is a fast passed game. with little time to look around aim and shoot.. the guy who decided to camp in a shadow ADs'ing on a point IMO deserves to die or head glitch a spot.. some people who play this game also have bad eye sight. and the way tryarch made the maps and color schemes of the map AND soldiers  blend  way more than they did in MW3.. this TF hate needs to end.. the thing isnt getting nerfed, or buffed or anything.. if you dont like it, dont play.. ( I hate sprey and pray smg users, but thats just the way it is, i chose to play the game)

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                      47. Re: Target finders...

                      .....and the EMP grenade caters to the "noobs" above all in this game.....oh i'm not good enough to find a way around a sentry or guardian and this guy with the TF just keeps killing me....I better be a real vagina and toss the emp grenade in the somewhat vicinty of where I think this guy might be, or wait, better yet I'll just spam as many as I can....because I lack any real ability

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                        48. Re: Target finders...

                        well said....

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                          49. Re: Target finders...

                          to say the TF is nooby is like saying laying in the grass in the back of the spawn next to the hay barn on Standoff is nooby.


                          100% nooby, though I won't say it's not a "tactic", just as constantly head glitching is a tactic.

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