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    How to get Unlock Tokens

      Here is the deal, and I am not crying cause it really is no big deal.


      I am just wondering is it possible to get Unlock Tokens without prestiging. I am currently working to get all Assault Rifles gold, and have 2 AR that I have yet to unlock, but I dont have any tokens to unlock them. I havent Prestiged at all on the game by choice. I see no point in it, but if the only way I will be able to get 2 Unlock tokens I guess I will have to Prestige a couple of times.


      So my question is, is it possible to get unlock tokens without prestiging. If so, How?

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          Prestige, then use the Fresh Start (or whatever its called) option for your Prestige reward, relevel and unlock what you want/need. Only way I can think of without actually prestiging a lot. As for the permanent unlock, that goes away too when you Fresh Start, I believe.

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              If I have to Prestige I will, but when I do will it give me a unlock token to use. And then if I get up to level 55 Prestige 1 and do it again give me another one. I just want to get all my AR gold for the Diamond Camo, and then I will just be happy. Honestly that doesnt really even matter to me, but I do like the way they look. The only thing that really keeps my interest in the game at the moment.


              I hate most of the maps. I hate Hijacked with a passion, it is in my opinion another nuketown which I despised. Anyhow thanks for the advice.

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              When you prestige now you don't lose any progress you've made on weapons, if you choose to prestige I would suggest unlocking the weapon that is earnt at the latest level, so you can work on that then it free's your time up to work on the other one when it is available to use a standard token.

              Even if you choose to prestige the weapon it only affects attatchments (they become locked again and you have to re unlock them) and not the camo's progress.

              If you do a fresh start it will reset everything back to normal, you will lose everything, it's like putting the disc in and playing the game for the first time again

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                I don't understand what is the big problem with hitting the prestige button, as mentioned above you don't lose everything anymore unlike previous games and within a couple of days your right back up the ranks anyway.

                Even if your not bothered about ranking up it's worth doing at least a few times for the extra class slots, etc, there has to be benefits to Prestige or there would be no point in having it.

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                    exactly , i think its great the way they have set it all out this time .. prestiging loses you nothing apart from the ability to use those guns or scorestreaks until you get back up to a rank to unlock them again . its great that every time you prestige you dont lose all your hard work on having to go through guns and camos again .

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                    You gotta prestige. Don't worry, your Gold guns and camos will be safe. Also, your challenges will not be reset eitherr. Only thing that happens is you have to unlock guns and equipment at the required level again.