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    best scorestreak setup?

      I usually run the orbital vsat and lodestar but I am confused for the first one,should I use the- Uav or Counter Uav or Hellstorm Missile or Lightening strike which one gives more points so that I can get the next one really easily, and what are generally some of the decent scorestreak setups,I do not want the dogs or swarms only average like the last one should be a lodestar or something,cause I usually don't get above lodestar unless I am lucky and get it in a care package :D

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          I run UAV, AGR and VSAT

          I can have either the VSAT or UAV up and the AGR rolling around, whilst still being able to murder people with thatever gun I used to get them.

          Also, you could controll the AGR if you feel like it. It's my personal favourite

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            i prefer uav --> orbital --> emp


            uav should almost always be up

            when vsat goes up, everyone wins and you get to put a beat down for 30-45 seconds

            when that finishes drop your emp and you delay all of their care packages, uav, cuav, red dots for another 30-45 seconds


            combine all 3 and you start ticking +30 for each kill which leads almost always to another round.


            the vsat is the gateway drug. it leads to everything eles in the game.

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              I have had good success with UAV/AGR/Stealth Chopper. That setup can cause real damage and isn't too hard to get. However, last night I discovered the glory that is UAV/VSAT/Escort Drone. That setup cycles itself like you wouldn't believe. 69-12 + 43 confirms with 4 VSATs and 4 Escort Drones? Thank you VERY much. Amazed the enemy team stayed in, kudos to them for being such awesome sports...

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                I mostly go support in TDM and Kill Confirmed with Care Package, Counter UAV, and Orbital VSAT.  The Care Package is often shared as a token of good will, the counter UAV is a godsend against UAVs, and the Orbital VSAT just kicks ass.


                In objective games, I use Guardian, Hellstorm or Lighting Strike, and Sentry Gun.  Keeps the objectives safe and well defended.


                ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                  uav, hunter killer, care package.  rinse and repeat.

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                    personal fav is hunter, care pkg, agr for HCTDM but thats if its a small map on turbine and some of the other annoying sniper maps i go with UAV, care pkg Orbital Vsat...


                    Usually what works best for me usually to scared to go passed Lodestar too so right there with ya!! 8^)

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                      Lately I have been messing around with scorestreak setups as well trying to figure out the "best" first streak. The other 2 being the vsat and lodestar (or warthog). I found that the uav is for me what works best. Its easy to get, and it starts a nice little trickle of assist points for your vsat. People tend to leave it alone to do its work, whereas if im running cuav then it almost always gets shot down because its annoying and somebody switched to a launcher class. As for the Hellstorm and lightning strike they are just too inconsistent. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 kills, but most of the time its only 1 and even complete missses because they ran inside at the last minute.  If you average 2 kills and you get +25 per thats +50pts toward the vsat. The uav is easier to get and your teammates need to kill 5 bad guys to equal the 50pts which shouldnt be that hard.


                      Just my thoughts. =)

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                        I normally go UAV> Stealth Chopper> VSAT. Once you get to the chopper it pretty much cycles you straight into another UAV waiting at the end of the VSAT


                        When I really want to annoy the frick out of the enemy though, I will run UAV only and keep them staring at the sky while my teammates shoot them in the back.


                        Best streaks also depends alot on the map and game mode you are playing. So it can change drastically depending on game type and map.

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                          I will always use either

                          UAV, Hunter Killer, CUAV

                          UAV, Hunter Killer, Care Package

                          UAV, Care Package, Hellstorm/Lightning Strike


                          These set ups are easy enough to get and the lowish points needed mean you can cycle them.


                          (not quite as good as MW3's hardline UAV, Care Package, Pred Missile but o well)

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                            It would depend on your goals. If you want more kills or more points. For more points and easier win in the game the obvious is uav, cuav, vsat. For kills paper airplane (HK), Dragonfire, stealth chopper will cycle quick. Or you could throw agr in there. I think it is more dependant on the lobby you are in though. A sentry gun in the right lobby in a good location can really do some work. But in the wrong lobby one emp and it was a waste. Same with stealth chopper, it may get shotdown before you get a kill. Warthog will usually not get shot down and as long as some of them are not using blind eye you will get a lot of kills. I personally don't prefer the war machine or death machine as you only get 25 pts per kill and you have to do all the work and are just as vulnerable as always. I usually play hardcore so I don't like the uav it gets shot down too quick. Cuav usually doesn't get  shot down unless they have a uav up. After Cuav dragonfire then vsat which only takes a few kills with the dragonfire to achieve. Thats my preferred for hckc. TDM I would change to uav, cuav, and hellstorm. Thats playing solo. When in MW3 I loved just uav, cuav. support streak with hardline. no 3rd streak. Kept the enemy busy looking up the whole game.

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                              you should run what your skill level provides, if you can get VSATS, DOGS, SWARMS, every game then go ahead.


                              if you get them every other game then its probably a good idea to go with lower killstreaks.

                              i used to run UAV, CUAV, VSAT but i got the VSAT every other game, and that setups good for getting nuclear but if you're not going for it or feel like being reported for being a booster, then its not that useful to you.


                              what i run is either UAV, HK, CUAV or take out the HK and use hellstorm.


                              hellstorms good for padding your K/D since its super easy to get 4+ kills with 1 missle, but HK is good if you wanna be an ass and throw a flying dead mans hand at people.

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                                I usually use easy kill streaks because I run and gun alot. I use the UAV, he'll storm & the lightning strike. But it all depends on how you play I'd say. Or the objective you're playing. I've seen some people on hc tdm just playing on defensive, just raping enemies with their guardian lol.

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                                  Agr and stealth chopper are some of the worst scorestreaks,stealth chopper can be taken down very easily and it only gives me 2 kills average and 3kills max,and it takes 2 shots from a launcher to destroy it,which usually takes like 10 seconds and the agr is just too slow,I mainly cycle back my scorestreaks so the agr is a bad choice as I have to hide somewhere till it gives me enough points for  the next scorestreak,but i usually die before it gives me decent points cause i just run around the whole map even the hellstorm missile and lightening strike give more kills than the stealth chopper and agr(sometimes gives 4-5 kills)

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                                    HCTDM I run Hellstorm, Lightning Strike, Sentry as they're easy to get and cycle and quite effective.


                                    No point having anything too extreme as the games are over quickly enough anyway.


                                    HCKC I run AGR, Chopper, VSAT.


                                    Again, easy to get and cycle and people still haven't figure out how to launcher / EMP. I used to run higher streaks but they either got me kicked or raped my team. I still run dogs from time to time but I get wound up when I see my team shooting them and usually get kicked for shooting them.


                                    Leave my puppies alone!

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                                        it pisses me off when your team mates kill your dogs, most of the time its the idiots who struggle to get a uav that pull that crap.


                                        on tpoic the streaks i use depend on the mood i am in I guess.


                                        vsat-dog-swarm if I am playing well.

                                        stealth chopper-vsat-lodestar is a favourate of mine

                                        chopper-warthog-vtol for stomping on bad players, cycled that 3 times on a game of hijacked yesterday with out dying on hckc lol

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                                        For HCKC I run AGR, Vsat, Dogs


                                        For Multi-Team I run Vsat. EMP, Dogs

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                                          In my opinion they all can be very effective. I like to switch it up and become efficient at each one. I know people use these wrong alot because as soon as I hear the enemy gets a carepackage I know within seconds they are going to use it even if our team is spread out or inside.


                                          1.Hellstorm or Lightning - If these are producing only one kill then you used it at the wrong time. I will wait until I know they are all spawning or traveling together and get 3+ Kills. I like to rush there spawn and trap them before I rain hell down on them.


                                          2.Steath Chopper - This should not be placed over the spawn points or its over too quick. I like too place it off to a side over a structure and only with a uav up so I can take out the rocketmen. I also have found putting a chopper directly over a sentry gun works well too.


                                          3.AGR - This can be deadly when controlled or followed from a distance. Most the time if not controlled very easy to avoid.


                                          In my Opinion it is more fun to get higher score streaks but most the time does not produce as many kills. I play HC and to get these streaks you have to take your time and camp at times as well. I am a runner and gunner so I tend to get just as many kills with medium streaks as I do with the higher ones. Its all about timing and placement as I have had 12 kills with a dragon and 2 kills with a lodestar.

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                                            Remember if you run UAV CUAV to call them both at the same time so you get double the assist points towards your last scorestreak

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                                              @ZWarPig- I used to run the setup- hellstorm missile-lightening strike-Vsat but I don't even manage to get kills with the lightening strike and hellstorm missile,I only get 1 kill with them and sometime not even 1,so can you give any tips for when to use them like you said u wait for them to be together but how do u know they are together?

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                                                  Well there is a few ways to tell they are together.


                                                  1. With a uav up you can see if all the red dots are together.


                                                  2. Get close to there spawn without over running them. I do this and then kill 3 - 4 of them and run back a ways and drop the hellstorm. They will think I am still there and hold there postition long enough to hit them from above.


                                                  3. After you nail half the team or more with the hellstorm then just follow up with the lightning strike as they are all respawning again.


                                                  4. Then I like to throw a sentry gun on one side and hold the middle of the map forcing them to flank around one side again allowing me to once again throw down my hellstorm on that side and follow up with a lightning on there spawn.


                                                  5. Rince and repeat


                                                  Another trick is to get close and do not fire at there spawn until you see atleast three of them spawn.

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                                                  My favorite is, Hunter Killer, Lightning Strike, and Sentry Gun, works great in Core KC.

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                                                    I run solo so I use a couple different ones.


                                                    If I'm up against a team and my team doesn't have the greatest players I use uav - hunter killer - cuav. 90% of the time it helps greatly and usually get the win.


                                                    If my team is at least decent ... lightning strike - stealth chopper - escort drone

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                                                      Hi i'm a quite expierenced CoD player and i have a set up you should try it gets me 3-6 orbitals a game most in one life.


                                                      Vector K10 (Laser, Long Barrel, Fast Mag)            Perk 1 (Light weight) (Hardline)

                                                                                                                               Perk 2 (Scavenger)

                                                                                                                               Perk 3 (Dexterity)


                                                      Scorestreaks, there are several types:


                                                      Counter UAV, Lightning strike, Orbital VSAT.

                                                      Lightning strike, Orbital VSAT, VTOL Warship.

                                                      UAV, Hellstorm missile, Orbital VSAT.

                                                      Hellstorm missile, Orbital VSAT, K9 Unit (or if you don't want K9 use the Swarm or even Lodestar)


                                                      P.S. Play mostly Kill Confirmed with this for full effect.

                                                      Message HAZ3 AVENG3R on xbox if you play and tell me if it's good

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                                                        It really depends on what game mode you're playing, what map, what the enemy team plays like (emp and rocket spam or not), how strong your team is, whether it's core or hardcore and more.


                                                        I mostly play Core, and focus on Kill Confirmed, Free for All and Team Deathmatch. Here are the scorestreaks I use most of the time:


                                                        Sentry Gun - Orbital VSAT - Lodestar
                                                        Sentry Gun - Orbital VSAT - K9 Unit


                                                        Why? In FFA, most people don't run EMPs. Sentry Guns do a lot of work in this game mode if you know the right places for them in each map. VSAT is there to set up for the Lodestar or K9 Unit. Several times a day I can run flawless the first half of the game in FFA and the when I get my Lodestar/dogs it's over. Lodestar is better than the dogs overall imo, but in certain indoor maps (Express, Plaza, etc) dogs will do so much more.


                                                        My KD in FFA is over 2.20 so I can get these streaks pretty often. A lot of people can't. If you don't think these are easy enough to get for you I'd go with Lightning Strike/UAV/Hellstorm and a Sentry Gun.


                                                        For TDM I use mostly the same stuff as FFA.


                                                        Kill Confirmed is a different story. I stopped using the Sentry Gun pretty fast because EMP spam in this game mode is usually off the charts. For this game mode I run VSAT and then my pick of the top 4 scorestreaks (Lodestar, VTOL Warship, Dogs and Swarm). If you can get the Lodestar you can usually get the VTOL or dogs alongside it easily.


                                                        Swarm and K9 Unit are both really good streaks but I have really mixed results with them. Lodestar is in my opinion the best scorestreak in the game as it's only 1500 points and it reliably gets me over 8 kills on average. It can also shoot through windows to kill people hiding inside! VTOL is good but just a bit worse the the Lodestar in performance, plus people tend to shoot it down more often.


                                                        Stealth Choppers are a decent streak too but tend to get shot down quickly. Escort Drones are overall better. AGR is amazing if you control it and they don't spam EMP/C4, but a lot of people do so I don't use them. Warthogs are not good. Always go for a Lodestar over them because the Lodestar is MUCH better and almost as easy to get. Remember though, in the end the 3 streaks that are really hard for enemies to destroy or stop are the VSAT, dogs and Swarm. Hope this helps!