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    Target finders...


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          1. Re: Target finders...

          2 words: Cold Blooded.

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            2. Re: Target finders...

            one word. Retarded.

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              3. Re: Target finders...

              Yeah, target finders are definitely nooby, but whatever, they're in the game. I have a class set up with the target finder on an AR for big maps; definitely the lazy/noob approach.


              I have a couple of classes, where the only difference between another class I have is that I switch my 2nd tier perk to Cold Blooded. If I see the Killcam, and it's some guy just being lazy/nooby with the target finder, I switch classes.

              Yeah, Target Finder will still change the reticule to a different color, but it's not obvious like the red diamond. (shouldn't even change colors, IMO, but oh well.)


              That's why it's so important for people to prestige and get those extra custom classes.

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                4. Re: Target finders...

                Target Finders are not OP.  They are not nooby.  So why is everyone complaining about them? 


                1. Diamonds highlighting enemy players - Cold Blooded fixes that, and even without it, the diamond is unnecessary and sometimes annoying.  You already SEE the enemy, so it's not like it's a major advantage.


                2. The color changing red - If this is overpowered to you, then I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  What kind of nerf would be implemented on this feature?  Is the color red so OP, that it needs to be nerfed to the color green?


                The scope doesn't increase weapon effectiveness and accuracy.  You increase weapon effectiveness and accuracy.  Stop blaming your lack of skill and abilities on a simple little weapon sight.


                ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                  5. Re: Target finders...

                  TFs also seem to have increased Autoaim. Which is ridiculously nooby and OP.

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                    6. Re: Target finders...

                    I don't see what the fuss is about, I don't even see TF users go positive very often.


                    If you're tactically aware, and your reactions are good then a TF user shouldn't cause you a problem.


                    Having used it a bit myself on LMGs I actually find it a disadvantage, you lose all peripheral vision and maybe aren't as aware of what's going in around you as you otherwise would be. If you need a red box to see what you should be easily able to see with iron sights then you're obviously not very good at the game, and I kinda feel sorry for you.


                    Also, learn to EMP.

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                      7. Re: Target finders...

                      No.  It's called aim assist.  It does that for any sight you equip.  If you disagree, prove to me with hard evidence that the TF in fact increases autoaim or whatever you call it.


                      ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                        8. Re: Target finders...

                        Then you aren't using it right. If you suck with a TF then that says more about your level of skill then anyone else.

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                          9. Re: Target finders...

                          After you prove to me that it doesn't have Auto Aim.

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