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    Payed for season pass yesterday, no option to download maps??

      Okay guys im sure there is a few peeps who are in the same boat as me.


      I purchased the season pass yesterday for Black Ops by going through the PS Store.


      After confirming purchase it said something along the lines of "download all" which i clicked on.


      In the store under View Downloads, there are 4 Season Pass files which are all 100kb.


      I have clicked on and reinstalled all 4 files several times.


      Now i believe i should then go into the game, fire up Multiplayer and select store in there.


      When i do and selects "Maps" it just says THERE ARE NO ITEMS IN THE STORE AT THIS TIME.


      What the hell have a i done wrong.


      I received an email from the Sony Playstation store basically saying thanks for the purchase so wtf