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    L3gendary Soldiers "Recruiting" for XBOX ONLY! Read!!

      Well i decided to revamp the way i introduce my clan and try to make it seem more professional.


      L3gendary Soldiers is an active and fun outgoing clan. We play most team based objective modes besides SND. Currently the only COD we are MAINLY playing MW3 currently and PART-TIME BlackOps2. Our MW3 clan is LEVEL 5 and our BO2 is also LEVEL 5!!


      Information about us:


      Game Types: CTF, DOM, KC, Team Defender,


      Age Range: 14 to 30 (Eventually will be 16+)


      Current Goal: To develop strong team work and raise our gaming level to another level. We are currently holding weekly practices to hone our skills as a team and to work better together. We are also trying to recruit more people who know what it mean to be a TEAM and not just a solo guy who's great at killing or do all the work. If we want to evolve and continue to grow to be better than we must learn to work together. To get stronger. To get all players level of skills higher than what they expected.


      Future Goals: To hit the pro circuits and go to professional tournaments to make money and raise money. The money the clan wins as a whole gets divided amongst the group depending on how much cash or prizes we receive. Otherwise if its not enough to divide amongst the clan the players who attended the tournament will lay claim to the entire amount besides cash in which case there will be a small fee as myself being leader shall deduct IF the amount of cash is enough to actually charge a fee. I only say i will charge a fee cause i will be the one that pays for your airfare and motel/hotel rooms! FOOD AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL COME OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET!


      Current events: I am currently planning on a ladder based tournament for my clan. So it will be members vs members for those whom do not understand. This tournament will consist of cash prizes, Headsets, and/or Controllers. This tournament does not yet have a date as we are still building up in members. So JOIN NOW to be part of this fantasic event and others to come!!


      Currently RECRUITING!


      What we are looking for in YOU:



      Playing Following Game Types: CTF, DOM, Team Defender, and KC

      Prefer 15 and over

      Headset/Mic *THIS IS A MUST!

      Has Elite *This is so we can keep track of your progress and so you can be part of offical clan events!

      Plays primarily MW3 and BO2 as a backup


      So if any of this fits and works for you message me NOW via XBOX!! GT: LegendOfAnubis