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        40. Re: what isn't broken in this game

        this. +1

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          41. Re: what isn't broken in this game

          I'm glad you get it lol!

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            42. Re: what isn't broken in this game

            i think treyarch should start making cheese. They would sell so much with all this whine

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              43. Re: what isn't broken in this game

              How would you fix it? Are the other games broke too? Last night I played some MW3 and one match was a lagfest! I never had too many problems with that game but that match was unplayable! I just stuck with it and did the best I could and the next match was fine. It's not the game, it's the fact that we play online with millions of ppl in different parts of the world with different setups!!! If you don't want lag, don't play online!

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                44. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                Playing a game where my opponant has 0.5 to 1 second advantage over me is not down to skill or just having a bad game.


                I dont have to mess with my internet settings for any other games so why should I this one?

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                  45. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                  this game aint broken, it the people who play the game that makes it so bad like it is now.


                  Lag aint a big enough deal like most people make it out to be .


                  taget finder i use it only on LMG's the best guns in the game , it dosen'tget you kill's it find's people who are head glitching thats about it and fun to use if your DEFENING not camping.


                  sniping is abit crap , all they need to do is put the ADS more longer and that dexterity away from sniper's. the whole rapid fire sniper's  is bullshit but we cant do anythign about that.


                  handguns are alittle annoying yes but handguns do ADS faster than a smg dose so if the guy useing a handgun aims first smg guy is dead .


                  aim assist problem ... turn iit off .


                  maps some are awesome but i cant stand small maps like hijack but i love standoff , they made this game black ops 2 to cater to smg userf only with 1 or 2 sniper friendly maps RARE.


                  ....sorry about spelling n hope grammar is ok , im crap at that stuff ......

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                    46. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                    Then don't play this game bro! If you are completely helpless in matches due to lag like you are playing as the drunk soldier who got too drunk during leave then just stop!. I used to play BF but stopped cause I just couldn't stand it anymore, it just wasn't for me. Maybe this game isn't for you and your online gaming skills could be put to better use elsewhere.

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                      47. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                      Restore_Hardcore wrote:


                      It's the same thing every year. In November they will be complaining about MW4 and talk about how great Blops 2 was. I admit, there are wtf lag moments in this game just like any other online game but that just comes with the territory. I usually play with my voice settings off so I don't have to hear all the complaints when I play online but sometimes I do communicate with my team and all I hear are bs complaints. There is an epidemic with people blaming lag or a broken game for their deaths. We all get lag! Last night I did very well in a match and played like crap in the next. Does that mean I suffered from lag? The thought crossed my mind for half a second and then I remembered how crappy I played. Everyone is gonna have bad games, own up to it, don't make excuses cause we all get killed by lag every now and then. I don't live in a magical part of the country (Boise) and there is no lag fairy protecting me, I just play the game and try to get better. If you are one of those people who truely do suffer from lag and the game is unplayable then maybe you should do some research to optimize your setup. I couldn't play on my new tv cause the settings, it was unplayable! I'm taking that tv back and getting a gaming moitor and just play on my original tv for now.



                      I only have lag when I lose, yeah that makes sense...


                      Why don't you have problems? I haven't a clue, there are a few players around here who don't seem to have the issue or at least it's not as bad for some. Just because you don't have bad lag issues doesn't mean others don't..Why am I only having problems with this game? MW3 was almost perfect for me, same with all other cod titles, nhl playing against euros hosting no problems, this game is a unstable crap shoot.


                      Like I said earlier, if this issue was better I'd be perfectly fine with the game.

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                        48. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                        I have, I've gone back to previous CODs and playing a little arcade title called Special Forces team X.


                        Just sad because it should work as intended.

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                          49. Re: what isn't broken in this game

                          MW3 lagged a lot for me last night but I still did decent. I had some horrible games but I stuck with it and ended the night with better overall stats. You guys always go back to the previous games and say they are perfect, they aren't. Everyone lags, sometimes a lot, we all do!! I just choose to keep playing and get better.

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