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    Objectives, does anyone play them??

      Does anyone actually play the objective anymore???

      I play on hardcore playlists and this is what happens every day.


      Capture the flag:

      enemy's come for your flag but don't grab it, they sit behnd it to spawn kill.

      Team mates go for the flag but don't grab it, they sit behind to spawn kill.

      Enemy's grab your flag then camp to get kills instead of capturing it.

      Team mates grab the flag then camp to get kills instead of capturing it.



      Kill confirmed:

      People sitting in corners camping for kills and not getting dog tags, they finish the game with 40 kills ahead of deaths with no confirms or denies.

      Well done you got a great kill death ratio that match but your supposed to collect dog tags to help your team.



      What has happened to call of duty???

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          People haven't played the objective in any CoD I've ever played. I didn't play CoD 4 long enough to notice and I never played WaW. MW2 nobody did. Black Ops I feel like more people did. But with MW3 and now BO2, everyone is concerned with killstreaks and K/D.

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            Some of this has always happened. However I think two problems exacerbated the issues.


            1.) Lag problems made players stop running around all over. In order to compensate for the fact they could not run and kill, many players started camping and killing in obscure corners.


            2.) High scorestreak numbers in TDM. In Objective games killstreaks are about as easy to obtain as past CoDs. Not harder or easier. However, in TDM it is extremely difficult to acquire the higher scorestreaks(even some of the mid streaks). This has resulted in players moving to the easier to obtain scorestreaks in objective games to get their fix.


            I think if TDM was raised to 125 per kill with 50 per assist and 75 for shock/emp/etc assists, then those players would go back to TDM and only play objective games for the objective. Next, if they ever fix the lag/MM issues for everyone enough that only rare people have difficulties, then players will start moving around the map more often.




            Edit: additional note:


            - Remove K/D from Objective games. Also remove global influence on K/D from objective games. Have only Core and HC TDM-style and ffa affect global k/d, and each of those having their own respective k/d leader stat as well. Kill Confirmed may or may not be included, as K/D does serve some purpose. All other Objective games should definitely not have a K/D counter.

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              I don't play hardcore, but i still see the same exact thing happening in Domination... people running past A or C.. and honestly, before the scorestreak system, i'd understand why people wouldn't capture flags, but now that you get 200 points for capping, and then 200 for killing while capping, i just don't understand why not? whenever i have a chance, i jump right on it. if you're running an orbital vast with hardline, thats putting you 1/5 of the way closer to your VSAT...idk, who am i to tell someone how to play a game they paid for? lol

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                  True that. The other day I had my AGR, VSAT and EMP all out at the same time, and 10, 15 seconds after I got my EMP, I earned all three streaks again. I capped an enemy flag on Dom, and killed three enemies while I was on it. My AGR I had out got a few kills at the same time defending the B flag by itself. And my team were getting kills through my VSAT and EMP. So, the totals:


                  +200 enemy flag capture.

                  +450 for three kills whilst capping.

                  +100 AGR defending B flag by itserlf.

                  +400 assist points for every kill my team got whilst VSAT and EMP were active

                  =1150 points in the space of time I capped one flag.


                  Only 50 more to another VSAT, and 150 more to EMP.

                  Why would you not play the Objective??


                  EDIT: This was running solo also.

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                  I think people seem to go out of their way for tags much more in KC than in MW3. Shoot they are worth 100 points each. If you want a chance at streaks you gotta go for tags. My mouth waters if I see 2 or three tags out ahead of me and I'll often run a little recklessly toward them at that chance of getting to my next streak.


                  Domination and other objective games are nothing new, you're either on a good team that goes for the objective (5% of the time), on a team of kill-whores who get beat by the other team going negative who went for objectives, or on a team of players who all finish 10-35 and get spawn trapped.



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                      You see, I don't understand why people would ignore the objective in Domination.  200 points for a capture kill?  Rush B with and on some maps you can get a 2-3 capture kills.  Run Hardline and there's not much to go before you get a VSAT really.  Only time I kinda 'ignored' the objective is trying to plant B in Demolition on Nuketown but that's usually within the last minute of the round when I've tried planting and could not do it.

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                          200 points is still worthless compared to the points you can get for hanging back and trying to throw lethals and killing the opposing team when they are trying to cap B.  Same with Demolotion game mode.  BLOPS2 is basically an unbalanced game for objective based matches.  The scorestreak points need to be increased by a huge amount.  Like 400 points for capping B or planting/defusing bombs.

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                              I am sure that your teammates love you (I know... you don't care). I don't have much problem killing and capping and feel strongly you need a balance of both but really dislike playing with people that completely disregard the objective (unless they consistently post huge numbers for cover; not 30-5 but 50-70 which should be completely doable if you are just harvesting kills and have even moderate skill).


                              And on top of that you don't even bother pushing up the map to control the board for your teammates to Cap B, you sit back and allow the enemy to get there so you can grab some kills. You are a credit to your K/D.


                              Why not go play TDM or KC- they are designed for killers? Oh wait, I know. It gets a little tougher when EVERYBODY is simply killing.

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                              That's why I don't play anything other than search and tdm. I can handle search if most of them are dead. People only play it to camp and get kills for their "awesome kd"

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                            I don't play Capture the Flag, but, in my experience, you're WAAAY off with Kill Confirmed in Black Ops 2.


                            If anything, people should be/are complaining about people running around and jockying for position to "steal" their teammate's tags. It's funny when you see people dolphin diving to get to a tag before their teammate.

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                              As a solo player I have learned that there are people playing the objective. They are called the other team. And it sucks.

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                                  wash0ut wrote:


                                  As a solo player I have learned that there are people playing the objective. They are called the other team. And it sucks.

                                  I predominantly run solo now myself due to the MM issues I experience. Still love Dom and you are right. I usually go straight to B flag to cap and defend. 95% of the time I either die or cap it solo. Very rarely do I get ANY help as the knuckleheads spawn, grab their sniper rifle, setup just outside the spawn and proceed to go 4-20.


                                  Sometimes if others see an aggressive player they will jump on the bandwagon and help but that is a rarity.

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                                  Very true about dom .... but i learn if you see ppl not playing the object, just leave either on my team or the other team. In some cases their games where ppl are playing object and i love those games but its hard to get it. If its a good game i stay win or lose.

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                                    I don't play the objectives for Dom, Demolition and Hardpoint.  Never play capture the flag.  The objectives are not worth enough scorestreak points to stick myself out there and get killed.    Hardpoint is different.   It seems easy to get to know the forward positions of the next hardpoint so it is easy to get the first capture and then the defends are worth extra points.  


                                    I don't consider Kill Confirmed as an objective based game.

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                                      i had that problem when i was doing CTF titles or challange's.


                                      im mainly a domantion player and i cant stand the people who play that game mode ,like to day i had 10 caps n 8 defends i was using a shield with hammr n C4  n everyone on my team had 1 cap the first flag in the game start. i was going nutts shouting at everyone to help me . so if you see emoxredemption n hear alot of swearing , be nice n help me out im not a bad player to play with.  i think i went of track here sorry.