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      I was prestige 3 lvl 50 when this happend i was not online and the next day when I started playing im still lvl 50 but it acts like im lvl 1 i coulden't creat a class no score streaks...


      well i got mad and continued to play when i passed to prestige 4 it woulden't give me the option to permantely unlock a gun witch I had before and a few days ago my friend noticed that i had goten 1,350,000 kills with the cross bow we were like wtf i never used the cross bow! but i diden't notice that cuz when u were in a lobby and just quickly looked at how manykills a person got i just had 12000 and now that i just prestiged today im now prestige 6 it still wont let me permanelty unlock equipment! i really dont know what to do I DO NOT WANT MY STATS RESET i just want my game to work like normal!

      I would love if you could find who hacked me and ban him!


      Oh and my psn is faby33