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    Unjust Ban

      Hello ACTIVISION,

      I was playing a Team Deathmatch on Nuketown 2025 (PC) and all of a sudden, in the middle of the round, I got a message saying I got banned.

      This is VERY FRUSTRATING as I don't know why it happened as there is no reason.

      My Steam name and in-game name is DNinja, if you want to know.

      Please help me here, this is just unfair.

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          This you?



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            I have a feeling that the ban was totally justified. They usually don't issue out bans unless they have proof that they are deserved. So, sod off and deal with the consequences for what you've done.

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              Well, It's sad to think that most people think I deserve this and I DON'T, and all of you would feel exactly like me, getting banned in the middle of a match when you know and you friends know you didn't cheat, cause I know a cheater when see one, and I hate when legit players, including me, get banned for no reason, and I'm sure there are more people like me out there, becuase, again, no reason to do this to me, It's like I'm taking $80 and throwing them away just like that.

              I need to contact Treyarch or Activision butI just don't know how...

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                  You can get banned for things other than cheating/hacking. Offensive language/racism/offensive emblem/macros/ ect. If it's one of the latter then chances are it's only a temp ban. You can usually get ahold of pcdev on Twitter and from what I've seen if it's a "ban" question/tweet he generally gets back to you in a timely manner.

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                  you will not help, but laugh leash. I also wrote argued asked to verify my account, I've been banned by mistake, asked my posmatret replay proving my innocence but to no purpose I just proignorirovali.Ty not alone

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                      if they really struggled with cheaters there would be lists of what the player is banned and so you just throw a link on this forum that may be banned, and think what you will not care any help will not be

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                      Well I don't really want to get to the small details but my only emblems are the perks from zombies so I don't have any offensive emblems,

                      and yeah I get pissed sometimes when I have a bad match but I don't curse people or anyhting, they just play the game like me.

                      Hoping I get unbanned...

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                        Please read the Code of Conduct and Security & Enforcement Policy. Bans are not subject to further review nor can they be appealed on the forums. Forum moderators and users are not responsible for your ban, therefore unable to provide you with assistance.


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