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      after about 5 weeks, i've finally got diamond SMGS! this is the first thing that i decided to go for diamond with and it was a GRIND. at least for me lol. the hardest part is honestly just sticking to it. there were so many times were i literally just wanted to play with the PDW and actually enjoy myself but i stuck with it. after all of this, here is what i found (my own opinion). the vector is an extremely underrated gun that i will surely use more. i hate the scorpion with a PASSION. the chicom can be the best weapon in the game in the hands of a good player. and my favorite gun is still by far the PDW lol. anyways, the diamond camo looks awesome and i noticed the first game i played with the diamond camo actually was pretty bad because i kept on wanting to look at my gun ahahaha. anyone else do the same thing?