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        40. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

        haha I'm in the same boat! GF is always griefing for shouting at the TV... but that's mainly because of terrible spawning and lag as much as my terrible game play! any tips would be greatly advised... I'd be keen to join a clan I'm keen to massivily improve.

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          41. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

          Hi buddy, I'm 39 running with a KD of 1.27. I play Domination, and fully believe objective based games are better for us old timers. If you're a Brit our clan is always looking for new guys of similar age and outlook. D4DS clan, give us a look, and you'll improve working with us as a team

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            42. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

            Don't know if everybody knows this or not but a lot of HDTV's have a game mode setting that needs to be turned on. Otherwise you will get a delay between your console and tv.

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              43. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

              It's a bit refreshing to see a lot of positive contributions on the forum...


              I think the advice on HC is sound- I generally find it easier than core. I am not a player, even in core, who is heavily dependent on the mini map and as a fresh player this I think will help you become stronger regardless of game mode.


              Also, although someone else recommended not playing FFA, I jumped on for a few rounds last night to test the competition as a result of this thread. Generally it is much easier than other modes [Note: to be fair I only played four games but won all four with a 3.0 K/D average and 380 SPM which is above my norm].


              In addition, in FFA you know that there are no clans, everybody is a target and it causes you to deal with various spawn points.


              If you play this mode, although I am not an expert, I worked small segments of the board. If you kill someone, automatically assume you have somebody behind you and turn around. Focus on controlling a quarter of the board and if targets dry up move on to the next quadrant. Many play with silencers but I ran without as it "lures" people to you.


              I also forgot to change my scorestreaks and was running HK, CP and LS as I prestiged over the weekend. Being the case, I would chuck the carepackage out in the open and found that it was like shooting deer at a salt lick as players try to hijack it. Normally I would likely run non-lethals such as UAV, CUAV and VSAT or something that did not require a ton of player interaction exposing me, like the CP.


              Regardless, I did test the waters and felt that I would recommend FFA to a friend who was trying to learn the ropes as it will teach you how to deal with all sorts of play styles (rusher, camper, etc.), expose you to map control and generally the competition I saw was middling.


              Good luck!

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                44. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                Not a Brit but have a Scottish Heretige and throw in the Highland games.

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                  45. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                  What is the setting?

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                    46. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                    I can't thank you guys enough again for the impute. Yes I need to slow down and approach it more like a real life soldier experience, I think that is going to help.  I think I need to start playing objective games instead of deathmatch all the time.


                    Now I need to figure out what achievements I want to go after. I am thinking I might go with the MSMC for my weapon, but still unsure and not sure what attachements ( I have all of them unlocked).

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                      47. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                      The MSMC is pretty good all on it's own but I'd recommend fast mags and I like running it with a Silencer only because it suits my playstyle.  You'll take a hefty drop off in long range damage running a silencer but if you keep your engagements close then, it really comes in handy when you catch two or three guys from behind.  If I wasn't running a silencer and still wanted a second attachment then I'd look at maybe putting a sight on it such as the Red Dot or the EOTech.  The iron sights are good on the gun but sometimes it's just easier to line up a reticule.

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                        48. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                        If you're sticking with an SMG then Long Barrel is a good one to go with to increase range a bit.


                        Remember to burst fire at long range though, or you'll waste a lot of lead!


                        It still won't be a match for assault rifles at longer ranges, but if you can catch 'em by surprise and get the first couple of bullets on target, you're in with a chance.

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                          49. Re: Wife tired of me yelling at the TV

                          40 Year old here,  I find moving slow or guarding an area  a lot more difficult than moving all the time.  It seems people can jump corners, ads, and kill me before I can ever get off a shot.  Because of this, I will always try to stay on the offensive.   In past CoD's I was able to stay in an area and do well, but not with BO2.


                          If you guard an area, your twitch reflex must be good, if you run and gun you have more of a chance of catching people from the sides, back, on top of.  


                          Just how I play these days!

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