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        Izjar11 wrote:


        Has the statistics in this game ruined our mentality on what's right and wrong? Is a lose that bad, that you need to quit a game?


        For starters, the mentality of many CoD players concerning what is right and wrong was trashed to begin with.  Hence the stuff you hear in voice chat or see in emblems.  Immaturity + anonymity = the worst kind of behavoir.


        Second, a great deal of the raging has nothing to do with whether that player's team was winning or losing at the time; it's far more often related to how that individual was doing.  The way the game keeps statistics--and the emphasis many in the community place upon them--obviously contributes to that, but I think you'd still see a great deal of it even if no statistics were kept...from personal experience, it is not at all fun to play in a game where your opponents so obviously outclass everyone on your team that you can't move 5 steps without being shot (and that's not even taking into account flaws with the game itself).  When I find myself in those scenarios, and especially when I can also see that these opponents outclass me as well, hell yes I'm going to quit the game!  That has nothing to do with what effect it will have on my stats, but everything to do with how it will affect my mood.

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          rlbl wrote:




          "Look a Legit PM, good... oh wait he has no Ruthless (tor whatever the 30kill no death one is) and he has never gotten a swarm... he is garbage" - too funny*



          LMAO. wow.


          See this is where people are deluded.

          They see a person has no ruthless or brutal medal, or never got a swarm etc and they immediately think " this player is garbage "


          Here is the thing. I got 3 sentry guns in 1 game of dom before dying. If I had swarm and all the big streaks picked I would have got them. Just because you don't get them people think "bad player" lol.


          They never think about the logic I just explained. Getting 3 sentry guns rolled over before I died.

          This is why some players are completely (imo) deluded and this is where the " stats " come into peoples heads



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            The VTOL does sound cool.  I got my first one just the other day.  It went down quickly but for about 10 seconds I was letting them have it and felt pretty manly

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              IMO the VTOL is far to easily taken down. I had one for about 10 seconds to lol. But the sound is awesome

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                lol nah just kidding harv.


                But yes of course it's very frustrating when you can't step 5 steps and then boom, shot dead. But alot of people would quit for the opposite reason to you. Their "precious K/D " will be ruined.

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                  The trick with the VTOL (or any other high-end, user controlled streak) is to use it in conjunction with a CUAV or EMP systems.  When your enemies can't see the streak on the minimap it takes a lot longer for them to shoot it down.


                  Also, I find the VTOL does better on Plaza where it's harder to pick out visually in the night sky.

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                    Izjar11 wrote:




                    This question is for all:


                    Has the statistics in this game ruined our mentality on what's right and wrong? Is a lose that bad, that you need to quit a game?





                    Note: If you respond to this question please add the question through a quotation so we know your responding.


                    Public Statistics have always been around in Play Station Exclusive titles right there for anyone to see, in the pre game lobby, after a game or on the INSOMNIAC, GG etc, etc Website.


                    I find it amusing that after 5 years into the PS3 life cycle Activision start to introduce stat's, first so friends can see them, then every body, then a Website dedicated to them.


                    It's what you are used too, if all you have ever played is COD then you are behind the times. Granted, the games that came out with quick access public stat's that even showed how many times you 'quit' a game had in-game Sony MOD's. So cheating was kept in check.


                    This leads me back to COD again, if it had in-game MODs then stat's would be kept in check, Booster's and cheaters would be kept in check etc, etc. You see, to have this degree of exposure, cheating is only a natural progression. That is why companies (as mentioned) realised during there alpha code and beta trials back in 2005 that in-game MOD's would be essential to stem cheating when stat's were available for access all the time as mentioned.


                    No to me it is no excuse to quit a game


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                      actually yes, very true harv. EMP system scorestreak, VTOL, Plaza = me happy lol


                      The VTOL is huge though and flies kinda lowish lol

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                        I know I'm a little late to respond, but who really cares? Seriously, this is a video game. Is there a Code of Ethics that we're supposed to follow? Good for the OP to stick around, but quit acting like you are a professional and that others need to play just like you.


                        This past weekend, I had numerous games start and then within 10 seconds, CONNECTION INTERUPTION. Guess what? I QUIT. Why wait for the game to freeze again or to get lag and host migration? CoD games just need to remove the quit option. If people want to completely shut down their game and restart it over and over again, then go ahead.


                        Good for anyone that plays through every game. Some people don't care about their stats or yours as a matter of fact. If I'm not liking a game or getting lag or spawn killed, I'm going to quit. I've never been given probation and if I ever get it, I will take a break and play later.

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                          no problem

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