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    what isn't broken in this game




      No deathstreaks and that's IT



      Nothing but super lag non stop players just skipping cross the map.


      Hit Detection this game makes the hit detection in the first Black Ops and MW3 look like gold


      Spawns nothing better then taking 2 steps and dying over and over again


      Target Finder noob friendly much


      Handguns deal with this players who run with nothing but handguns and they just won't die a handgun should NOT beat a SMG up close epecially if you get the first shot on them


      Invisible People so many times i look at the a spot and i see no one there and all of sudden i get killed by enemy that was at the spot i was looking at. where did he just magically come from?


      Sniping you were soooo anti quickscoping in the first Black Ops what change you're mind Treyarch


      Maps they suck i only hated a couple in MW3 but i only like a few in BO2. Drone is the worse map ever made in any CoD. the maps are extremely camper friendly and way to many head glitching spots and with the hit detection in this game thats the last thing it needs


      Party system nearly impossible to have a whole party stay together


      Aim assist locks you on the person 2 or 3 feet away from them

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