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    999 ping hell

      Over the last week or so I've been very limited on how much I'm able to play.  IF I was lucky enough to get past the lobby and into a game I'd ping 999.  I contacted Verizon, my DSL provider and they sent a tech to my house. He just left, he ran several tests, and the wiring in my house was weak. After running a new dedicated data line for the modem, my overall speed has increased .  


      I'm still unable to play.


      If I switch back to my old school modem I've got here, I'm able to play.  I'm still pinging higher then usual but... I've been able to play... Plug the new one back in and it goes back to ****.  Although the older modem has allowed me a few games I'm still expeiencing the "party is no longer active" or "disconnected from the Black Ops II servers" very often.  Either way it's ******.  Can we please get some help?  or at least roll back the latest patch.