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    Mp5 Sub Machine Gun DLC

      So I've been playing through the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 campaign finaly & I have realised that you are able to use the Mp5 Sub Machine Gun through out certain missions & am hoping that they release the Mp5 with one of the next 3 DLC's like they did the PeaceKeeper. It really anoys me when they have all of the good guns in the Singleplay but they never implement them into the Multi-player.
      E.g; Black Ops 1 they had the STG & the Mp40 in the singleplayer....The two best weapons & they aren't in Multi-player....Seriously.


      Also map design.... I thin Treyarch should release a map like Bootleg, Underpass, Storm, Downpour, Kowloon. I know all but one of those are from the Modern Warfare series but they are really good maps. They're dark-ish, raining & they are just good maps, especially for Stealth & Sniping (real sniping) or I think they should design more maps like Drone or like the "Fallen Angel" mission from the Single player. I think a Map set in an area like that would work really well.


      Anyway, does anybody else hope they release the Mp5 or anyother gun from Singleplayer into Multiplayer via DLC?