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    Misusing of kick/ban power

      hi all , actually i posted this message for the technical section of CoD MW3. Basically i am a victim of abusing kick/ban power of other players on server like Hardcore S&D amic , Server Clan , Europe S&D , many others. This is the most bad thing that these guys are misusing the power for kick/ban other players just because they are not better player than others whereas other good loyal & moral ( people who are not cheating) players are suffering. It is my request to members of CoD technical support section that please dont make any thing or give power for kick/ban to others ( except the Admin who is the real authenticate person knows that who is cheating & who is not ) so that honest player can play game safely & securely.

      Please think on this statement & it is my request to you to make harder rules for cheaters who are abusing these powers.

      Thanks for reading....