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    Wii U Clan

      I need a clan.


      I have a microphone, and my k/d is 1.40 message me, or send a friend request, my NNID is BlueBerryShadow. Thank you.

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          This isnt really the best place to look for a clan. But I bet if you go look in the "Clans" subforum, then you will most likely find a clan there. 

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            Please visit ai-hq.com if you're interested in a clan. We like to play for fun, but can pretty much do very well as a team.

            I'll add you as a friend and we can play togeather in the clan as a group, then you can decide if you like to play along side us or not.

            NNID: vampirewolfy

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                Send me an invite sometime - I joined you last night for the backend of some demo! If connection blows i`ll just back out.


                I thought Regz stats sucked at first, but then I noticed he had the merciless medal about 500 times and im like WOW! On the flipside, he has like 50`000 kills with the PDW, and his second best gun is like 130 kills Stats mean **** btw, just saying I had a mooch last night when the game was unplayable again

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                    He's good and a cool guy to play with
                    I tried inviting you about 10+ times yesterday but I guess you were always afk. I'll try again another time~

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                        Yeah thats another thing I dont like about this game - the invites and texts things at the bottom of the screen when theyve always been at the top, I rarely see them when im ingame


                        The game I joined you on Turbine was laggy as hell , I was 5-0, next minute im 5-12 and not even seeing the guy killing me, oh and 1 shot lmg julio

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                    I have a clan if you want to join. We mostly just play for fun but we are all good. My NNID is FoxMcCloud add me

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                      Phantoms is a Wii U exclusive clan thats aimed at Black Ops 2 and Call Of Duty; Ghosts.

                      We are currently looking for some more members as we are a quite a new clan.

                      We do have a couple rules and the likes but they are pretty common rules throughout clans.

                      If you would like to check our clan out go to Phtm - Home.