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        I don't know if "pull" is the word.


        Honestly, making posts here that aren't flaming and talking with twitter are great ways to provide input. Vahn absoluty read posts on the forum.




        And after playing some custom games of hard point in HC... it would play so well.

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          rankismet wrote:


          I'll let Macc speak for himself...


          ... but a number of us helped play test various Core modes in HC. I know that's why so many here are leery of a mosh. It was a good solution on BO1 but bombed (pun intended).

          Bombs and flags was a good idea, the implementation of it wasnt so good, hopefully this time "if" we go the mosh route someone in 3arc towers will highlight the discussion in the message of the day in game that way people really cant complain they werent aware of possible changes,


          The fact is though hc will never get a full compliment of playlists to match core as the numbers don't justify it .


          Personaly id like to see an additional playlist that is a mosh just so we have more options to chose from, as i said to hc is getting kinda boring atm, we need a few more game modes which hopefully in turn will se a few more added to the player count overall for hc



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            PerEverto13 wrote:


            Well what a lucky few you are lol i would love to be able to give my input being a consumer since the first CoD on PC. I would love to know more, but i doubt mac will respond to me. Most of my posts asking him questions go unanswered. Not sure why, whether he is busy or doesnt deem me worthy lol i always try to be respectful (unless said party deserves a thrashing lol) juet seem to have a hard time networking with some of you lucky few who have pull. No matter uow badly i wish i had the chamce...

            if i've missed q's directed at me it wasnt intentional sorry.


            also myself/mhcgm dont really have any pull with anyone ,

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              I guess i was using pull in the wrong manner lol i just meant you guys actually can have your voice heard. I have that hardpoint would play well in HC. My only concern is the fixed spawns.

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                Im dont take it personal bud, your a busy guy i get :-). My point was i have seen calm and rational questions asked of vahn linked here, he just always seems to turn a blind eye to them. Its a bit disconcerting when i see something like this. Maybe im a n00b, but what is MHCGM?

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                  I personaly think a mosh of DOM,HQ, and hardpoint would be the ticket. With no weighted option, so nothing come up more than anything else. This would give objective players a place to experiment with what the like in HC hopefully pushing the numhers up. Perhaps after X time collect data and see whats most popular and institute it for good in the playlist. Or keep mosh, both would be more than welcomed by me.

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                    Yes get rid of HC CTF.

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                      I just can't wait for some HC objectives, snd isn't my thing and northern is ctf but Dom, HQ, HP, etc would be fun.

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                        I have been polite to Vahn repeatedly over the same issue and never get a response.  Shoot, I tweeted 3ARC, Vahn, and ACTVI Supp about connection issues and only ACTVI responded.


                        I think it's more of a what does he want to listen to that gets a response.

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                          I'm primarily a HC TDM guy so added modes isn't something I crave. I would love to see them added for one reason, more HC players.

                          Hardcore gained players when KC was added and I have no doubt we are missing players because of not having Dom. More players = more support (as we all know).

                          I would play some HC Dom or even in a non-weighted Moshpit, but would still spend most of my time in HC TDM just because it's what I like.


                          As to who Vahn is listening to and why ? I don't really see why it matters. He's listening to the Hardcore topic now, let's try to take advantage of it.

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