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        50. Re: Dear Devs: Aim Assist = Fake Gamer ... This Game Is A Joke.

        like2nap03 wrote:


        Padiego wrote:


        A port is not built from the ground up. A port is a port. Copy and paste and sometimes some adjustments are made. Built from the ground up....that would just be an exclusive. If MW3 was built from the ground up, why did it have lag shooting(at launch, it was fixed two weeks later)? Why was lag shooting worse in reflex than WAW? Why is the sky blue?


        Just throwing this out there for the lulz because I can, Skyward Sword pretty much forced the Wii to do things it couldn't do. Kind of like Donkey Kong Country for SNES.

        I know this.  I'm assuming you meant to reply to the other guy.  I was replying to his reply to you and backing up that the Wii version was a port.


        this is gettin close to a postception.

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