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      WHy am i getting put on probation for leaving games, when the host disconnects and makes me leave?


          Dunno, are you getting put on probation or are you just getting the warning? 


          Cuz if you're getting actual probation you're either getting disconnected too often and need to deal with it or you leave a bunch of games early and need to stop quitting so much.


          If you're getting disconnected often try using the best search and play when people in or near your area are playing so they won't be quick to quit, unless they're rage quitters.

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            to me the probation system is a joke i dont know why they did it must be smokeing funny stuff

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                probation is a total joke...i have never gotten it and got disconnected from 3 straight games before. Then you have the guys that always leave when the going gets tough...I think it should be 1 minute for the 2nd dashboard, 5 for the 3rd, 15 for the 4th and 1 hour for the 5th if the user does it that many times in an hour.

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                When it happens to me I use those 5 minutes to go to league play and as soon as 5 minutes is over I leave that match.

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                  The shouldnt even have this stupid probation thing i have gotten almost 50 probation in the last 2 days ever since the update when im in a match i not only get disconnected but also from the psn network and when i enter boom a probation, its not my fault i chcked my isp and nothing is wrong but this is always happening ever since the update havent finished a single game for 2 days WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

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                    Of course probation for the losers, doesnt really help the poor saps who are suddenly left 3 vs. 6 and end up losing the match, dropping in the ladder, and even dropping a division.