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      So as I was about to get offline a while ago, I noticed I had a new message in my in-box.


      It was from Xbox Live. I would post the photo I took of the image but I never can get the "upload image" thing to work. Below is a link to that message.


      I titled this thread "Redemption" because I can't even recall the last time I reported someone to XBL. I do, however, report an average of half a dozen players through the BO2 in-game reporting feature.


      The moral of the story?





      http://s1311.beta.photobucket.com/user/nuttin2say/media/20130222123942_zpse39411 f2.jpg.html



      (ps - Don't use offensive gamer tags or make offensive emblems, either)

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          Re: Redemption

          Nice, its always good to recieve an attaboy

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            Re: Redemption

            I like it.

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              Re: Redemption

              ha ha ha awesome but I don't think it will matter lol. If you got a booster banned I'd bet my bottom dollar that he will just make another acc and boost more on that one.

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                Re: Redemption

                NICE JOB@@@!!


                but not happy in my encounters with people...so many people can report me because I have talked back/standing up for myself because theres too many little teens talking smack to me but when I do it im banned.and then when i see others cheat, boost, talk smack, etc. i report them and get no response and theyre probably always going to get away with it!!!

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                    Re: Redemption

                    That's why the title is "Redemption." I report, and report, and report. I don't follow-up like I used to years ago because when I did track to see if people had action taken against them, it would take sometimes many weeks, if not months before I would see something happen ... but eventually, unless I had made a mistake, I would see that action had been taken.


                    The point is that if you report someone, an investigation DOES happen.


                    One of the keys, though, is to be ACCURATE. Don't report people because they made you made, they beat you, or because you "think" they were cheating. Know it or use the dashboard to avoid them.


                    edit - btw ... As for the screamers (little kids with foul mouths), you can report them and/or mute them and/or use the "avoid player" function in the dashboard.

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