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    The correct order of Dr Maxis side of H.M. on Die Rise.

      Ok, After the patch came out, (as some of you may already know), I have been having touble with completeing Maxis side of the EE. Well  today we spent four hrs, or so, Trying to get to the bottom of it. Well here it is

      1- elevator symbols.

      2- symbols on floor ( in order).

      3- buy the sniper rife.

      4- shoot the balls out if the dragons mouth.

      5 - kill zombies in the buddha room until you  get the quote saying, resurection is the key.

      6 - anyone can get the balistic knife, the person who does then needs to up-grade it. ( that person will get the next quote, after the up-grade).

      7 - The player with the up-graded knives need to go back to the buddha room and shoot it anywhere in the room. ( we did it in the center of the floor).

      8 - two players need to go and pick up the balls from under the lions feet at spawn.

      9 - all four players need to then place their jumpys ( trample Steams) on the four lion symbols,( 2 on the roof with the dragons, and 2 in the spawn building). They will lock into place when correctly.

      10- place the balls on the jumpys so they make an X pattern over the tower.

      11 - go find all the mohjong ( might be misspelled Sorry ) to determine the correct order to punch the legs of the tower. punch to tower legs. ( must be punched with the galva-knuckles).

      thats it.perfection. the maxis side will be done.

      I would like to thank Zombosschick , Tartdust, and DeathbringerZen for their help with perfecting this with me today and figuaring what was differant from the first few times we did this. Also A big thanks to Lord GRRR and his crew for trying this with me a couple times this week, you guys were great fun. Thanks again. and good luck to everyone on their quests.