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    trick in theater mode to auto fast forward

      ok everyone, I just came across the ability to auto fast forward in theater mode.  I know plenty of you are just like me and had a small little clip of a zombies game that you wanted to record and save, but it was at the end of a game.  The only way to get to that spot unfortunately is by holding down the right trigger. Who wants to sit there holding the trigger for 30 minutes when fast forwarding through a 5 hour long game?  Well I'm sorry to say you will still have to wait that 30 minutes, but you will no longer have to sit there holding the trigger!  All you have to do is press in the right trigger and then hit the back button on your xbox controller so that the list of players shows up, then let go of the trigger and press the back buttn again.  It gets stuck in fast forward (really what ever speed you want up to x6). to stop it all you have to do is press in the right trigger again.