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    Dear Devs: Aim Assist = Fake Gamer ... This Game Is A Joke.

      As a Wiimote player I just need to get this off my chest. Aim Assist is there to trick poor gamers into believing they have 'hardcore' skills.


      Let me tell you... ... you don't.



      Someone in a coma could pick up a DA pad and get a good KD.



      These hand-holding dumbed down games are partly why I gave Xbox, 360 and the PS3 a wide birth... This generation of gamers don't know they're born.



      Why is it I loved MW3 and the Wiimote controls, but on this one, I'm constantly fighting with them along with the Aim Assist DA fakers?



      What's worse, is, YOU GOT IT RIGHT ON BLOPS & MW3 Wii... ... ... you had a working template right there to use, that wasn't broken, and we end up with this disgusting, sloppy tripe. What, in God's name, are you playing at?



      Please just give something to help me understand why???

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