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    why are most shield users idiots?

      yeah ive noticed that most of the shield guys dont play the game properly..they come as a pair..then they flashbang you at the start of a game, then they stalk you and generally tend to annoy you..its like their mentality is.."now we have annoyed these guys, lets hide behind a tree and stare at each other!".."yeah good idea!" they get to a tree.."nice diamond shield you have there man"..second guy.."yeah i really like your golden knife bro"...they keep staring at each other.."you know what bro?".."what?"..says the other guy unable to move his gaze from his best buddy and his boosted sheild.."i think i love you!" says the first guy.."thats funny cause i was just gonna say the same thing!" says the second guy.. and after that glorious moment they both lived happily ever after. lol i got carried away there but i do notice a lot of that and that is how i see it..but anyway..i hope you get the point..these guys are annoying!