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    So how can I actually GET better?

      Ok, so here's my playing scenario:

      • My Comcast internet in Philly, PA is usually 60-75Mbps down, and about 18up with a 0-5ms ping (usually 0).
      • My Xbox is hard wired to my router, in a DMZ.
      • My game TV is 32" & 720p, I sit about 5ft away.
      • My controller sensitivity is set on 8.
      • This is the first COD game in which I have given any effort to Multiplayer.
      • I usually play in the window of 9pm -Midnight EST.
      • I play objective games, and I play the objective with low scorestreaks.
      • My K/D sucks, my SPM is average, I am usually in the middle of the scoreboard. When I started I was always at the bottom.
      • I am almost always playing alone, and yeah, it sucks. None of my peers play COD.


      What I want to change:

      • I lose straight-on gunfights if the other player is running at me. I am not embarrased to say I get knifed this way at close range while shooting at them.
      • I get flanked alot when in cover. Not camping, just in cover.
      • I lose in-cover vs. in-cover engagements alot. Alot of times to a same or lower range gun.
      • If an opponent is moving laterally across my screen, I can't put them down, even at close range.
      • It seems like I need alot of shots to kill, and my arsenal & perks are very limited & boring as a result.


      I might just suck, but I like this game too much too settle for that. Any suggestions you have are welcome & very appreciated.


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          Re: So how can I actually GET better?

          FInd a team to play with, PUG's are bad if you are not already skilled,  you need people to actually kill other people. I find in a lot of lobbies that when teammates arent killing people I start to get swarmed by 5 or 6 guys at a time, and you will never win that engagement.


          Looking for someone to play with can invite me F0XMAN (its a zero).

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            Re: So how can I actually GET better?

            my guess is that your prob pulling host alot, id take off the DMZ,and just do port forwarding and see if that helps connection wise


            cant really teach someon how to aim and shoot, that just takes prac.


            stay on the outer side of the map, and dont just rush!


            slow down and use a silencer


            holding how an objective or choke points is not camping


            you might need to find out what kind of player you are.. offensive or defensive, then set up score streaks accordingy


            if your concerned about KD and want to get it up, i suggest using an lmg, and stay around your flag or hold down a choke point with it, this is the best way to get KD up


            partying up is cool, but no one will mostlikely want to party up with you if your not a good player or can hold your ground in gun fights. so i suggest working on your own engagements and get better, and the partying up thing will just come along naturally

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              Re: So how can I actually GET better?

              It's the little things in games that make the biggest difference for me.


              if I have an unfavorable gun fight, I backoff and leave him, but I call him out.


              I watch the scoreboard for deaths (ctf has 8 second respawns) religiously. I watch how many are dead or alive at ALL times. This gives me more info in when to push, hold, or go back to my flag and defend.


              I watch the kill feed probably more than the UAV. If i hear gun fire on my left and see that my team mate lost the fight, I now know that bit of info.


              learning game flow is important, things like where you can get to off the start of each round, where you can surprise someone, where you can pre-nade / prefire or dive to prone and wait for 2 seconds.


              Lately I have been sprinting out, and if you didn't know this, if you fully switch to your knife before running, you run about twice as long as you would not doing this. So I'll use the bit of extra sprint time, dive to prone in the open or some stupid doorway where nobody would expect, shoot and move on.


              What separates most people is the little things, which if done correctly, pay big dividends in your KD, SPM, and WL.

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                Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                I'm no guru, but the thing that you wrote that stood out to me is that you lose in head-to-head fights.  I use a variety of weapons and attachments, but if I'm getting killed on equal terms I'll switch to a stronger class;


                Quickdraw can give you the jump in a showdown...it's a low level attachment, but it is very important to me.


                Toughness is the perk that can keep you on-target in a head-to-head.


                Weapon - I love the Vector (or any high firerate SMG) in HC TDM, but if I'm in a Domination match on Nuketown, for example, I find that it can be underpowered...I'll switch to a AR with more punch; AN94 or M8A1, and I'll start winning those face-to-facers, and last longer because I'm not burning through the ammo as much.

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                  Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                  • This is the first COD game in which I have given any effort to Multiplayer.


                  That is why, it just takes time and seeing your mid table already I reckon you are making good progress, give it a couple more months and you should be topping the table pretty regularly.

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                      Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                      I'd second that.  Additionally, if you want to get better at aiming spend some time playing against bots.  Set the BOT team up to be stacked against you and use the Veteran level for a more realistic feeling.  They still won't be as difficult as actual players but it can help for accuracy issues.  Just know that unlike humans the BOTS tend to go straight for objectives.  So their traffic patterns won't line up with what you see online.


                      Another suggestion for online, if you find yourself getting flanked too much equip some items to slow people down such as shock charges, betties, and claymores.  Even if the enemy takes them out you will get a notice that your equipment has been destroyed and you'll know to turn around.  Eventually, you'll develop basically a mental clock for when to check behind yourself and you won't need the equipment as much but it is a good way to slow things down.


                      Beyond that provided that you are lagging behind too badly, gunfights are often won or lost based on reaction time.  Whomever is on target early and doesn't have to move away from their cover tends to win the fight.  So you want to think about where you want to be when the fight starts and be sure to get there before the enemy comes into your line of sight.  For instance, if I'm spawning at the C flag on Standoff, my first position after capping the C flag is to go to the trash can that looks at the B flag.  I already know that the guys rushing from A are going to be at the pallet on their side looking at the B flag and likely a sniper or two on the roof.  It's not possible for me to check both the pallet and the roof quick enough as I come into view of the B flag.  So I'll throw a grenade while still standing behind the wall near the trash can (I'm fully covered here) towards the pallet across the way.  Often I'll get a kill there but either way I'll know if anyone is headglitching that pallet.  If no one is there then I'll check the roof line when I pop the corner and once I've cleared the roof, I'm in great shape for taking on anyone that comes either to the pallet or to the roof.  I'm already fixed on the spots that they can come from and they will have to locate me before they have a chance of killing me.  That fraction of a second difference in preparedness makes a lot of difference.

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                        Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                        Lots of good beginner's advice in this thread (I speak from experience as a recent beginner myself).  CR4IG's is especially important psychologically.


                        If you're like me, you spend alot of time right around a 1 kdr...sometimes just below, sometimes just above...and it just blows your ******* mind when you feel like you've had a good round at 10-8, you've been working your ass off to play smart, and then at the end you see the scoreboard and someone on your team has 30+ kills.  It's hard to fathom how they even had time to do all that killing -- you feel like you were innundated with gunfights and battles.


                        Couple of things to keep in mind in that scenario --

                        1) They probably don't do that everytime.  Everyone has their crazy good games.

                        2) Many, many of those kills came from high end scorestreaks. 

                        3) One high end scorestreak begets another.


                        Anyhow, for those of us hovering around kdr = 1, I agree that "success" has a lot to do with all the little things pointed out here, especially as a newbie (don't mean that in a derogatory way).  Just a couple of extra kills per round is all it takes to push you into that positive kdr territory where you really feel like you're contributing.  Thinking mostly of TDM and KC here of course.

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                        Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                        use an assault rifle with a silencer, MTAR is a good choice early on then permanently unlock the AN-94 with a prestige token.  silencers give you a big advantage and help you build up map knowledge

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                          Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                          i feel like havn a taco now how long you been playn if you been playn for long nothing can help you if not you a noob that all.

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                            Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                            Use Toughness, Lightweight, Scavenger, Quickdraw, Fast Mags, and the MSMC. Learn to dance around in a head to head combat. Train yourself to aim at center mass and read the map. Wherever your team mates are, the enemies should be on the other side.

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                              Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                              A few basic tips I can think of off the top of my head -


                              If lag isn't present then face-to-face gunfights are about who fires first and stays on target, consider Quickdraw and/or Dexterity, work on when to hipfire and when to aim down sight and learn to strafe or crouch (or both) to make you harder to hit.


                              To reduce getting flanked you need to think about the natural flow of each map, study the aerial view or heat maps and kept an eye on where your team are and you'll eventually get a sort of sixth sense about where people are coming from. I think team position is the most important tbh.


                              Losing gunfights in cover might be helped by doing something about accuracy, play around with your sensitivity until you feel solid when aiming. Also consider a burst weapon which is far better for picking off head glitchers, throw a reflex sight on it and you'll win more of these straight away.


                              For hitting moving targets you might want to use Stock so you can strafe easily while aiming down sights and laser sight to hipfire more accurately more when the player is in your face. In my opinion Stock is needed on all assault rifles for this reason.


                              Nothing wrong with spraying and praying, get ext. mags and let it rain

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                                Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                just play it as a game and enjoy it, win or lose

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                                  Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                  Not sure if you're new to online FPS or just new to CoD, but in those mid-to-short range head to head battles, try strafe-aiming (left stick) rather than look-aiming (right stick) for your horizontal aim adjustments.  This is something I've always done in PvP FPS, but for some reason have gotten away from now that I'm playing CoD.  Dunno why.  It does two things:


                                  1) Somehow it lessens the impact of my habit of overcorrecting my aim.   I guess you strafe a little slower than you turn?

                                  2) It moves your avatar so that you're not a stationary target for your enemy.


                                  edit: oh and maybe try turning down your sensitivity if you're having aim issues.  8 seems really high for someone who's struggling a bit -- I run at either 4 or  now, which I admit is pretty low, but works for me.  Just be careful running around corners because if you get in a situation where you need to turn back around to shoot your enemy, you're probably gonna lose.

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                                    Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                    Join a clan or get a team to play with https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2056118 EQP im not trying to clan on ya but it seems loke u actually do need to play with other ppl that communicate so if you have a mic and want a good team send in an application

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                                      Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                      Thanks alot yous guys!


                                      These are great ideas for things to try out, and combat training, I had never given much thought to. Being able to shoot more accuratley is definitely a priority.


                                      It seems to me like there's alot of institutional knowledge you need draw from in COD. Especially when it comes to concepts like choke points, anticipation, knowing when to turn around, etc. The best way to fill that gap is experience.

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                                        Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                        Learn to strafe...

                                        COD has left side advantage... you want to learn how to approach and move around the map so that you always approach and move around cover on the right side...and move into cover from the left... 


                                        If you move around cover from the left... you want to arc back and do a semi-circle..


                                        A lot of COD is about spotting enemies, you must learn how to obersve the map and manage the information flow the game gives you.. The minimap the kill feed whats in front of you is very important and what playstyle you use will determine what priority you will give each of those items.


                                        Accuracy is very important... play the game on veteran and you should have above average accuracy.


                                        The Little things you do matter....


                                        Cover is very important... there are a lot of little things on the map that help... but a good strategy is if you come under fire you strafe to cover... you should always be strafing... people have a hard time hitting moving targets.. The strafe it self should be small.. hardly noticable


                                        Doing stupid things will get you killed. though sometimes its fun...


                                        Above all remember that COD is a fast paced game... doing the smart thing sometimes is not the smart thing to do.




                                        Also you must get good at running away from enemies... disengaging from an enemy when they have the advantage... and learning how to set up a quick abush for them while running away is important.

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                                          Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                          I play on my own or with my other half we play hardcore because we got fed up of hitmarkers but i do get flanked alot ur find u get flanked coz u aint talking to ur team so they flip the spawns with out u knowing. as for how u play try dif attactments i use perk wise hardline/ghost and engineer/dextaraty or how ever u spell it also try a bouncing bettie behind u when i play objective games i run UAV V-SAT and EMP as its for my team

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                                            Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                            Wow controller sensitivity on 8? You know pro players only use around 4-5... So what makes you think you need higher?

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                                              Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                              If you really want to get better then you have to play alot better people than yourself. I'm sure alot of people on here picked up their first CoD got smoked.I for one picked up black ops 1 and by the end barely had a 1kd. However I then played cod 4/mw2 and got a 1.5 kd in those games. In MW3 i bumped my kd up to a 2.2 and now in black ops 2 it is a 2.6.  The more you play and learn spawn knowledge and predict others playstyles the better you get.

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                                                Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                I used to be a semi-good player and what helped me improve was going for gold guns.

                                                It forces you to try new guns which makes you beter.

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                                                  Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                  The COD community has shocked me! Everyone has provided great and intelligent feedback.


                                                  I have been playing the COD's since COD4. Without repeating everything everyone else already posted, I will add my tid-bits.


                                                  Start with a good all around gun that meets your play style. If you are competitive and want to get the objectives, I would use either a high ROF AR, or SMG. If you like to sit back and hold an objective try a strong AR or LMG. Sniping in this game from what I hear is a little easier than past.


                                                  As everyone else has said, Learn the Map.

                                                  One thing I watch is the "green guys" (your team). Watch where they are going and what way they are looking. Personally, I watch where they run to at the start and go the opposite way. All the COD maps are based on the 3 access point rule; generally. Every map there are 3 main ways to get across the map. I like to take the road less traveled.


                                                  Stick to cover, but not too long. As others have said COD is a fast pace game compared to BF. If you are hanging back too far, chances are the other team will spawn behind you sooner or later.


                                                  Hope it helps. Stick with it.


                                                  Good hunting!

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                                                    Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                    Here are some tricks:


                                                    Cover-Feint : Practice strafe-aiming. Once you have that down to pat, whenever you are behind cover trick your opponent by strafing to the side and back into cover later. The enemy will initially think you will stay behind the cover and miss...and when you compensate back to cover, they can miss again. When they try to recompensate now that you jumped back to cover after two periods of missing...they will usually screw up and hit the cover rather than get a headshot.


                                                    Shock-Spot : With shock charge equipped keep throwing it in front of you at end of path corners. It will cause all non-tac mask players to get shocked if they come around a bend while you are running ahead...and since you can keep picking it up, you can keep running from spot-to-spot giving yourself extra protection while you move from cover, and getting yourself a few extra kills on occasion.


                                                    EMP-Track : The explosion of emp is good for more than just destroying equipment, and getting emp assists from enemies with weakened HUD. The size of it can be used to determine if an enemy is somewhere nearby. If you don't get an EMP hit...no enemy is anywhere close to you, so theres no reason to be immediately worried.


                                                    Car-Targeting : No not destroying them. If one is destroyed(even if not...but its safer if its destroyed first), you can get behind one and look out its windows to get kills. The vehicles are impenetrable and also tend to block you from explosive damage, thus its very very difficult for players to shoot you through them. Even players with sniper rifles who know what you doing have trouble headshotting you through the tiny windows.


                                                    UAV - JACK-IN-THE-BOX : If you have a UAV in the air and it isnt destroyed...rather than sit behind cover..lie down behind it until the uav shows the enemy is in the middle of path with no cover nearby. Now popup and shoot them. They will have no other alternative then shooting you in the open while you shoot them behind cover. The advantage is yours. Likewise, they will generally be shocked you did that...and will react poorly to the tactic, thus giving you even more of an advantage against them.


                                                    Deadman - Walking : If there are multiple dead bodies around...lie down next to them. If someone runs by, they will assume you are dead. Shoot and kill them. This can be risky if there is only one dead body...Also it should only last for around 5-10 seconds otherwise the bodies can disappear and the enemy will notice your posture and shoot you instead. 


                                                    I just named these to make them more interesting...call them whatever you want. These are some tricks that might help you get more kills than usual. Hope it helps.

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                                                      Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                      your connection is too good to be good at this game right now.  It helps people with laggier connections.


                                                      call comcast and tell em u want a laggy connection.


                                                      Then your k/d will improve.

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                                                        Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                        As someone who shares your pain (all the way down to Philly & Comcast), here are a few points that I try to do:


                                                        1. Press the BACK button prior to joining any games in progress.  This allows you to get a glimpse of what you are getting yourself into.  If you're playing Domination and your team is down 170 - 30, go get a snack until either you time out and are kicked or the match is over.  No sense going 2 - 10 and getting frustrated.
                                                        2. While in the lobby, look at the Lobby Leaderboard. 
                                                          1. If you are in the bottom 3, back out.
                                                          2. If you are in the top 2, stay and have fun.
                                                          3. If you are somewhere in the middle, look at the top 3 players.  If their SPM is a lot higher than yours and they have a lot of kills in that game mode, consider leaving.  But only really consider leaving if they are in a clan with other high scorers in the lobby.  I only play solo so I try to avoid getting put against 6 players on the same team.
                                                          4. If their SPM is only a little more than yours, then stay.  You want to be challenged by better players.  This is what makes you better.
                                                        3. Also while in the lobby, read people's gamertags and look at their emblems.
                                                          1. Does the gamertag have a bunch of Xs and "5n1p3r" in it?  Then they are 12 years old.  Immediately back out as they have super human reflexes compared to most of us mere mortals.  Actually, they are probably going to be a pain to play with as most of them are trying to find innovative ways to do a 360 spin off the roof on Mirage and get an across the map combat axe kill that they can upload to You Tube.  But I digress...
                                                          2. Does the emblem look like a big phallus or some other juvenile drawing?  See 3.1 above.
                                                          3. If the emblem makes you say "wow, that's really cool", then stay.  They obviously care enough about the game to spend some time making a cool emblem.  So they will probably will not be a total tool during play.
                                                        4. In the lobby, listen to the banter
                                                          1. Racism? Horrible music blasting from someone's mike?  "Mom, hold on I'm playing"?  Mute them and hope that they aren't on your team.
                                                          2. People speaking in a foreign language? 
                                                            1. I leave if I'm put on their team during the countdown. 
                                                            2. Communication is crucial in this game.  Calling out where the enemy is, where you were just killed, you are capping B, or where you are placing your lightning strike is just good smart gameplay. 


                                                        Well that's all that I have.  Take it for what it's worth but I have to tell you that I try the above and still suck...

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                                                          Re: So how can I actually GET better?

                                                          OP, your thoughts sound like my thoughts back in COD4 days. There's a lot of tips here and, frankly, you can get overloaded with "how-to's." To that end, "keep it simple, stupid," never fails.


                                                          Keeping it simple, I would avoid changing settings to something that is not recommended by ATVI.


                                                          Practice makes perfect.


                                                          And, before you get good at scoring kills, get good at staying alive. The kills will take care of themselves. There's a lot of tips in this thread and there is yet more. As xmrythem said, "It's the little things that make the big things."


                                                          And, yes, that sometimes means letting an opponent live. There are only two times you should engage an opponent:


                                                          1 - You KNOW you have an "easy" kill


                                                          2 - You have no choice but to engage. Avoid this situation as if your life depends upon it ... because it does.

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