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        This community is god awful. Great for you that you have a 4.0. Guess what, it won't matter come November...

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          "Almost everyone experiences the same connection issues".  Are you serious?


          The differences between the two extremes is vast even if you just take members of this forum.  Every single day guys are are walking away because they constantly lag and cannot kill anything while others say they have little to zero lag and others are just moaning/making it up.


          I've seen both sides, an unplayable game where I literally couldn't move to now where it's pretty good.

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            I've been on both sides of the lag as well. I know someone with a .9KD in MW3 and a 1.5 in BO2. He's a big fanboy and thinks BO2 is the best COD ever. He gets defensive and butt hurt whenever we talk about the lag.

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              I assume you have never played in a full group of 6 or 9 where everyone has 2.5+ kdrs. If the other team isn't leaving in the first 1-2 minuets, you are constantly struggling to find people to kill with all the high streaks that are out. Think about it. My team will call out 3-4 swarms, 5-6 lodestars, and 5-6 sets of dogs per game when the other team stays the whole match. So how many gun kills can really be obtained with all that going on. Thus SPM suffers. Ya there are some games where we get lucky and the other team is full the whole time and Thier are plenty of kills to go around, but they are rare.

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                Its even worse in TDM when playing with a full group of good players. Everyone cant have 20 kills in a game to 75. Basically the first one to hit their streaks is the only one to get to use them.  Im kind one of the passive teammates when in a group of friends, as winning and keeping it fun is more important to me. 

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                  Dude, if you're "team" gets that stuff all the time like you said, you're either boosting or cheating.Plain and simple.Been seein ppl do a lot of that lately. As far as k/d, too easily manipulated to matter.

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                    Things that are difficult to achieve, are unbelievable to those who cant. 


                    True in life.

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                      It would be interesting to see what all these high K/D's would be if they used team supportive killstreaks. High K/D's due to killstreaks are not near as respectable as a 1.5+ k/d player who is playing the game to accomplish the objective and using team oriented scorestreaks....my two cents.

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                        at the same time, we all use orbital vsats which are the best overall streak in the game. So they are supporting everyone else to get thier streaks as well.

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                          Most of the players that go for high kill streaks use orbitals to get there. UAVs and counters are pathetic in this game and can be taken down with a rock. Sentrys and guardians are a 1 emp grenade waste.  EMPs arent needed against teams you smash all day.  Why bother?   

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