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        90. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

        You are entitled to your opinions and I agree that connection is BS in this game which IMO makes high KDRs even harder to get in this game then any other. But you have to realize that almost everyone experiences the same connection issues. I get that same 1/2 second delay on bullets 50% of the time like everyone else. As for your buddy in MW3, TDM was much easier in that game compared to this one. I believe I held a 5.2+ KDR in MW3 and getting 30-1 or 34-2 games came pretty easy with the way the streaks were set up.

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          91. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

          My team was ranked top 40 in the core ladder in GB every season I played. So you were saying?

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            92. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

            Oh crap, wait.  You play with a youtuber and someone with a justin.tv channel, that must make you famous by association.  Can I have an autograph?


            Also, nice to see when you google one of the names you can find posts on another forum about  hosting a master prestige lobby, but I am sure he is a legit +4.0 k/d like the OP said. 

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              93. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

              Remember our game on Aftermath? The enemies were hanging on the Parking Building area and the game spawned me on the Firetruck area surrounded by enemies. I was expecting to spawn near you guys. I didn't make it back to you guys and then it respawned me on your area afterwards. I was left wondering if it will spawn an enemy behind us.

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                94. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                I'm slightly over the 3.0- and I dont dash. I dont even think I have good reflexes, just good tactics. This is a poor assumption.  Go watch some of these livestreamers on twitchtv. You can learn a lot from watching them and using their setups, their playstyles.  You love that PDW right? Yeah well it sucks.  The best players Ive seen live are using either the AN94s with silencer and fast mags or the M8A1 with reflex.   Coupled generally with flak-toughness-scavenger and tactical masks or dexterity.  


                I myself love betties, and I thought it was interesting that not many of them use equipment at all, besides the ocasional c4.  

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                  95. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                  LOL, I dont really remember that game specifically.  Generally if I play with my group we cover choke points and like to snipe. The key to getting people to not spawn behind you is to make sure you dont have players that are running past the half way point of a map.  Just one guy going past it causes the ass spawn as I like to call it.   Its been like this for the past 2-4 cods at least. Its much much worse in this one.

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                    96. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                    I never really play with the people on the list. I just know them to have over a 4.0 kdr. Only 2 have I actually played more then 2 games with.

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                      97. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                      Have a k/d over 2.0 playing various game types...never used the PDW other than the two or three times i've picked it up, I think it sucks. I do use the M8A1, along with the LSAT and the scorpion...thats pretty much it. I could possibly push closer to that 2.5 - 3.0 k/d by sticking to deathmatch, however there is not enough time in the game to complete challenges for the calling cards, and it gets boring. Yes, there are people who are good enough to have a 3.0 k/d by whatever means fits them "camping" or 'running and gunning"...however, the majority of the people I have played against with a 2.5 or higher k/d end up dashboarding it at the end of the game. I'm not saying they all do, I played against a guy with a k/d near 3.0 who broke even and he did not dashboard. I would venture to say that the greater majority of the high k/d people have at some point dashboarded and several on more occasions than one......I am not saying they all do, but several.

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                        98. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                        Whats funny is that I never even knew about the dash thing not counting stats until somewhat recently.  I would refuse to ever do that for the sole reason that I am not competing with anyone or trying to look cool. Theres no point in my mind to fake numbers as you really only have yourself to prove anything to. I like to look at my weekly to gauge if Im getting better or not. If not I change my setups or think differently. Dashing would nullify capability for me to tell how Im doing. Would only be lying to myself.


                        But thats just how Im wired.

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                          99. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                          You don't get high SPM from playing solo. You get high SPM from doing a lot. It doesn't matter if you're in a party or not. If anything, playing in a party makes it easier to get a high SPM. I've played in parties and it makes everything infinitely easier. More kills, higher K/D, higher SPM, the works. Playing with a party of six, it's going to be very rare to run across bigger parties and you're hardly ever going to be playing any competition. From my experience, just playing in parties of 2-3 greatly stacks the odds in my favor let alone six. To add to that when I've played with parties, I still get my kills, the only difference is I die less.


                          I think SPM is completely relevant because it tells a story of how someone is playing. If a guy has a 4 K/D and a 100 SPM, that shows you how he's playing versus someone with a 500-600 SPM. Low SPM reflects minimal movement and minimal impact. I'll take 30-15 with 5 caps over 40-10 with 1 captures any day of the week.

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