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    Why so fewer PC players?

      It rarely goes over 30,000 players at one time making it hard to join less popular game modes. Almost makes me want to buy a PS3. Any way we can boost the number of players up or will we have to wait till the price drop in about 20 years?

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          The pc community has always been smaller on cod, compared to xbox and ps3.


          We cant do anything about it, the developers cant do anything about it.

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              I think what he's saying is that the developer or publisher, whoever has the authority to make the call, should lower the astronomically high price of Black Ops II whether in retail or online in order to attract a larger playerbase.


              Without the sale going on the game sells for $89.99AUD on Steam. That's about $95 USD off the top of my head.

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              Well cod4 at its peak was amazing on pc. 10,000+ DEDICATED servers, and most of em were usually full or very highly populated. Even W@W had a pretty good population. But after MW2 went away from dedicated servers everything went downhill. I didn't play a whole lot of MW2 but with BO1 i never seen more than 4000 people. MW3 at peak times i never seen more than about 15,000. Look forward to now, no control of these so called dedicated servers we are playing on, lag comp up the ass, and unbalanced gameplay on small maps. With each game seemingly to get worse can only expect populations to get smaller and smaller.

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                To many cheaters on pc. I rearly play on pc because of that. 80% of games at least one player with aimbot and WH.

                I saw one 20min ago aiming thru wall with LMG and went 110-0

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                    I agree with the "too many cheaters" part.  I don't think its as bad as some players suggest - its an infection rather than an epidemic, but certainly the clever use of wallhacks and human aimbots and autofire hacks has driven PC players away in droves.


                    There is a PS3 and PC version of BO2 in our house, but I favour the PC version for Mouse+KB control.  The PS3 version is virtually hack free and safe compared to the PC version.  Only an hour ago I was playing against an aimbotter.  His X-hairs would smoothly move to the exact same pixel on my toon's chest every time and stay on me as I jumped about.  Nobody's aim is that good.  Watched the match in slo-mo - same pixel on my toon's chest every single time....


                    I don't care if I get my backside handed to me on a plate every single match - as long as the playing field is fair, level and hack free.  Sadly its not and never will be on PC.  As soon as a hack is detected the author changes the code and the cycle begins anew.  Add to that the fact it may take weeks for cheaters to be banned then it really is a hopeless cause.  I'm considering moving all my gaming away from PC because of this when the nextgen consoles come out - they are safer and more reassuring to play on.


                    Dev's just haven't got to grips with game hacking and because there is no dedicated servers we cannot police and matchmake our own games.  Treyarch messed up big there.  And with this lag compensation crap I feel penalised because I have an excellent connection with ~26-30ms latency yet sometimes it feels like I am playing on a 56k modem and you know there is something wrong when the guy you know you just shot first kills you.  This lag compensation crap also make skilled snipers unfairly Godlike as it seems to make their target's hit-boxes 3 times bigger than they actually are with map positioning.  Most sniper kills I've endured while moving never seem to be on my toon and look way off target - that is lag compensation in action and failing miserably because the other guy has deliberately made his latency 300ms and lag comp somehow favours him more.  That is just plain wrong.


                    So yeah, lots of problems with PC BO2, which is a shame really, things could have been great.

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                    Why less people play on pc.


                    1. Cheaters, Ownly possible at pc,

                    2. Price, Want to play bo2 on pc you need to pay like €700 at least, Xbox and PS3 is alot cheaper