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    Submachinegun more powerfull than LMguns !

      Hello lads,

      I'm expecting an annoying issue in this game.


      In hardcore mode (DM for example), i used a Mgun : LSAT + full metal jacket bullets + fore grip.

      It took me up to 4 hit markers to kill an enemy with this configuration whereas it took 1 bullet for enemy to kill me with submgun + silencer (and it was not headshot).

      I do not get the point to have an heavy gun to carry, long to aim, if it is less effective than a smg with suppressor.


      So my question are :

      is it due to bad Internet connection issue ?

      Or is it a well know case of weapons that are not realistic ?

      Or is it due to cheaters ?




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          More than likely Lag.


          Some will say that the SMG's are overpowered compared to the other guns - they are not

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            Without getting in to accusations of 4 hit-markers on a single person being a bit of an exaggeration (Not possible, particularly with an LMG and FMJ), I'll answer your questions instead.


            1. Likely yes. This is very typical of 3-Bar vs 4-Bar in Black Ops 2, it can be so bad sometimes that you'll be literally shooting directly at someone from point-blank range without getting any hits for them to turn around and appear to 1-shot you with their weapon, only for the killcam to show that they had fired off half of their magazine.


            2. Balance has always been favoured over realism in the Call of Duty franchise. How many people do you think would use Snipers or LMG's if you had to lay prone or window mount them before using them?


            3. Review the theatre footage and you be the judge. The game may play out a little differently from the hosts perspective than as it appeared to you locally on your TV.

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              Your issue was lag but generally speaking in HC since everygun is a one or two bullet kill, firerate is very important.  SMGs will do quite well but so will several of the ARs since many of them are OHKs in HC.  The M8A1, SWAT, SMR and probably the FAL come to mind.  Additionally any of the ARs will allow you to move faster than the LMGs.  Since gunfights in HC are won by whom can get on target first and fire, it would be counterproductive to use an LMG unless you plan on doing some heavy camping.  As they tend to have low firerates compared to other weapons.  If I was going to use an LMG then either the Hammer or the LSW would be my suggestion.  The Hammer has a pretty good firerate but the LSW has really high damage.

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                Thanks for everything.

                So after have read many posts on this subject, i think it's due to lag.

                I often play with 3 bars vs 4bars...

                Stangely, most of the times i get in foreign games (italian or spanish) instead of french from my neighborhood. I have many friends playing HC here  and never get against them, unless that we make a group.

                I will have to check maybe with my ISP to understand those strange things.



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                  So did this SMG guy shoot you up close? I'm sure there is your reason.

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                      Okay.. your "perception" is NOT reallity. What you are saying is IMPOSSIBLE because it is not in the code. The SMG is programmed for a certain damage and time to kill... as are all guns. Check out Drrift0r's In Depth series on the items in the game. He doesn't just play with the guns, he examines the code. If it's not in the code it's not happening.




                      LSAT In Depth


                      Scorpion In Depth


                      Oops.. I did want to add.. not impossible if you where already damaged and had a red screen. Then yea.. an SMG could kill in 1 bullet or if you where playing hardcore. Not full health and core though.

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                      I've abandoned LMguns, i'm back to AR and SMG...


                      But asap i will record a video where i get 5 hit markers to kill an enemy in HC TDM with Lsat + FMJ. It happens so often to me that i will get that video soon. No worries.


                      I think it's due to lag but in hardcore mode Lsat + FMJ should be 1 hit marker = 1 kill, whatever your connection.

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                          I feel your frustration but stop saying its lag.  Bottom line 1-there is no way possible to get 4 hit markers with it and the guy didnt die. 2-STOP running with a LMG in a game that they are obsolete.  Play core if you want to use LMG's.  Hardcore is not the place for them. Hence the title"hardcore".  This is a gametype with LESS HEALTH - NO HEATH REGENERATION - and THE QUICKEST AND FASTEST WIN.  Read that again and ask yourself if you think a LMG is right for that gametype.  I'm just saying...it's kinda obvious.

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                              Please  READ my post and stop thinking i'm a noob or an idiot.

                              Read my post again : i've never said i was running with it when the 5 hit marker thing happens. I just said that they are painfull to carry and so need a counter part.


                              I do not run with Lmg or sniper rifles.

                              But as developpers put those weapons in the game, well, i found interesting to use them.


                              Of course i was camping with the Lsat.


                              I've got the diamond camo for AR so i just tought to get it for smg, lmg, sniper rifles.... Why not after all ? 99,9% of time with my friends we play hardcore. Because we love that game mode.

                              When i started to play with the LMG, wow, i had this issue. So i asked in the dedicated forums.


                              And i had construtive replies such as KingKillerKvothe one. And other replies that suggest me to play mario bros on Wii...


                              So as you said mitpro : it's just kinda obvious.

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                                  I wasn't trying to make you feel like an idiot or noob.  I just hate when people revert to the lag issue as the cause for everything.  It sounded like you were new to HC so I was trying to be constructive.  I personally never use LMG's Cause all I play is hardcore and I'm not a fan of heavy, slow guns with a huge clip.  For me that spells out camping and non aggressive play.  But...thats good in some gametypes.  CFT DOM.  Need defense in those.  My opinion is an AR is the strongest guhn you'll need in HC modes.

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                                      I know dude... AR are my favourite weapons too.


                                      But i would have like to have diamond camo on Lmg too, so i've started to play with them and camp like a...


                                      Untill this issue happened a few times. And now i've given up the Lmg because it not worth it in HC : camping 8 minutes to get only 4 hit markers on an enemy.


                                      I'm gonna test the sniper rifles and i hope it's true : you miss your target or you kill it, nothing inbetween.

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                                  Not all hit markers you see on your end will register by the server.in reallity you were chasing where they were so your "hits" never hit. I use all weapon types or try to and play hc. When I play with an lmg I play similar but at a slower pace than with an ar or smg. I slowly advance to line-of-sights to take out campers and people advancing.sometimes ill pop up at different areas at a choke point etc. Its usable in hc but you want to keep long dist fire fights

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                                  the most hit markers i've ever had was 5, and he didn't die.


                                  i was using an smg from long range without fmj and trying to shoot through something. i think i was Raid but i'm not 100% sure.


                                  Very rarely do I get 3.