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        50. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

        He's legit and he plays with a full party. His KD is 4.17, SPM is 358, and WL ratio is 87%. Those are excellent stats for a Dom player.

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          51. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

          Not Bad actually - much better compared to many High KD low WL low SPM players i have seen. However, if i was to analyze KD vs SPM it doesn't make much sense considering i with a 2.30 KD avarage 415 SPM but yet he has a 358. It is still good, and i respect anything above 300, but id expect it to be higher than mine considering he gets 4 kills per death.

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            52. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

            Yes my SPM is a bit lower then I am capable of but there are good reasons why.

            1) players leave games when they play me and my squad making kills and score much harder to get.

            2) my teammates are also very good making kills once again harder to get.

            3) I use highkilling score streaks making me get much less score then someone who runs uav and lower streaks.

            4) sometimes my team traps instead of 3 capping on maps like aftermath and turbine.


            But anyway, you can believe whatever you want.

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              53. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

              He's playing with a full team. My guess is that his SPM isn't in the 400s because he's competing for score with his own team mates. Imagine yourself with five other players and each of them are on your skill level. Your SPM would go down as you're competing with them for kills, captures, and defends.

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                54. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                You could've just said that you play with a party all the time - pretty much explains it all.

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                  55. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                  Yes. I play Mercenary.

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                    56. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                    I also have about 50 games of TDM and 70 games of search in so that brings it down some. But you should check some of the other players I posted. They have some of the most beast stats you will ever see.

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                      57. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                      Thanks, but im too lazy to go through that. To be frank I think i've only run into one 3.0 KD + player and everyone else has been around the 2.6 or lower KD level. Of course the majority being 1.2 or below, because most people that play COD are not that great.

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                        58. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                        You can add me! GT adeadfox


                        I play solo all the time, mostly play domination/ground war.


                        4.0KD (Might have been higher but I spent some time getting diamond SMGs/ARs/Snipers/working on LMGs)


                        63% W/L (Even being good doesn't mean you can win again full parties which it seems I play way too frequently.)


                        I reset my stats after my first prestige.

                        ~40,000 total kills

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                          59. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

                          Put your ePeens away, it's a computer game.


                          Some people just play for fun and to try different things. I bet none of the 4+ K/D guys have diamond specials.

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