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    4.0 KDR Club

      No matter how you look at it, a legit 4.0 KDR(reset or not) is impressive in any call of duty game. It doesnt matter if the player camps, rushes, or spawn traps to get it, you need to be a special player to maintain such a high level of play especially with all the lag and spawn BS. I personally only have seen about 5-10 players with a 4.0 KDR in BO2.


      So heres a list of those players whom have the skills and abilities to join this exclusive 4.0 KDR Club. I will also post each players Win% and whether or not they reset. If you have someone to add or want to be on the list, post the gamertag and it will be screened for boosting and added ASAP.














      Defend EVO-5.02-92-?-39000




      Im So Raw Xbl-4.98-93-Yes-5000


      Talents xT-4.96-90-yes-27000


      v Po W n A g e-5.98-90-No-48000


      So these are the only legit GT's I know of with a 4.0+ KDR. If you have more post them and I'll add them to the list.


      No need for excuses of why you dont have a 4.0 in this thread. Either you have a 4.0+ or not. Dont be butthurt because you cant do what very few can.

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