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    This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.

      Call it the lag compensation, call it whatever you want.


      This game is like a pinball machine.


      Designed to give everyone a chance. Just hit the pedals (triggers) and good things will happen. Designed to give that 12 year old kid with poor internet because his single mom is struggling financially a chance. Designed to give that casual gamer a chance to compete against players more skilled than him/her. Designed for anyone to just hop in and play. Designed to control the masses. Designed to control you. Designed to yank your skill you developed from previous Call of Duty titles away from you. Designed to make everyone equal. Designed to laugh in your face. This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.


      They say the game doesn't lag. They say it's all in your head. They say to prove to them there's something wrong with the game. They choose to ignore all the evidence provided. They know deep down inside. They feel the hardcore players pain. They know the game has been dumbed down to the average casual player. They know about the issues. They choose to continue doing what's banking in the cash. They love the success the game is having. They sacrifice the goodness and competiveness for the casual gamer. They don't care. But they know. They choose to ignore us. This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.


      We (the hardcore/competitive players) are being fooled. We are being humilated by the developer and publisher. We are victims of a controlled reality. We recognize this. We choose to still play. We will stop one day. We hope that day comes sooner or later. We want to feel good again. We want to feel that feel of feeling competitve again. We want to feel true again. We want to be excited again. We want to stop fooling ourselves. We want the good old days. We want one of our favorite hobbies to feel like a happy hobby again. We want the leash taken off our necks. We want our hard earned work to pay off. We want the connection in our own home to dictate what our online experiences are like. We want to feel like gamers again. This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.


      You are either a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer. You are not inbetween. You either understand this or have no idea what this is. You either agree or disagree. You either see the flaws within or the flaws fly right over your head. You are either part of the problem or part of the future solution. You will choose to continue to play or move on. You either want a truly great game to spend a lot of your free time playing or you want to pick up the controller and throw rocks around for a few minutes. You are guilty or you are innocent. You play because you want to compete or play just to play. You either care or don't care. This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.


      I understand. I understand it all. I understand people will do whatever it takes for success, money, popularity, and power. I understand. I have seen one of my favorite video game franchises driven straight into the ground. I am saddened but not shocked. I understand. I want something new. I want something fresh. I want to feel like a gamer again. I want everyone to feel like gamers again. I want a real community again. I know why fourzerotwo left. I know why he wanted to seperate himself from the franchise. I would have made the same decision as him. I miss him. I don't want to see 50 sexually explicit pictures, emblems, or icons per day on a game again. I don't want to be in games where players are more worried about fooling around with their friends than actually playing the game. I want to play a good game again. I don't know when it will happen. I don't know how much longer I have. I believe it will come, though. I believe my time on this game is limited. I see the end. I know it's coming. This game is a lie. A joke. A fake. A controlled illusion.


      Thanks for reading.



      Respawn and Bungie will suffice.

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