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    Can't play, absurd lag after patch

      Okay, i've played enought BO2 to know that the servers are far to be the best ones. Lags, connection interrupted, disconnected from the servers, lag compensation, these are 'normal' problems that we all have in common.

      BUT, after yesterday's patch, i'm with a TERRIBLE lag, which even makes all my internet collapse. I can play every game fine, but if i open up BO2 MP, all my programs connected to the internet (such as Skype, Team Speak, even MetroTwit) lose their connection, and it last until i close BO2 MP.


      Funny thing is that this happen only when we have free weekend, when i could spend my time leveling since most of the people that are playing don't know how to play.


      I'm 100% sure that Treyarch will NOT fix it soon. When we had our first 2x exp, my game (and other users too) was crashing and i didn't received a single feedback from Treyarch or pcdev.


      I know i'm not the only one with this problem, but i wanted to create a discussion anyway.


      Thank you Treyarch, for messing up with players. AGAIN. Keep acting dumb about your problems, you're closer to become a new Infinity Ward.



      Here's a video showing everything