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    The Stray Dog ~ Surviving




      Something that isn't very much mentioned here is how each player cope with the ability to survive, survive being shot at, survive explosions, any form of attack.


      I will always try to win through survival, I play this game with this in the back of my mind --- I Refuse to Die----


      So what am I am talking about? Moving to cover, jumping out of the way, hiding when necessary, moving left and right to avoid bullets, getting chased and knowing how to react, do you use calm reactions or quick reactions?


      Sounds silly but knowing when to survive is critical to winning, playing better, and kicking A----s-s.


      Note: To the haters who play and the ones whom blame "lag" for everything if this thread is pointless so be it, its not meant for you, please refrain from posting. This is not a thread for excuses.


      Simply put:


      "If you do not control the enemy, the enemy will control you"




      "He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position"