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    Standoff - Camper's Paradise?

      One of my favorite maps for camping is Standoff.  I play Kill Confirmed and primarily run SMGs.


      Standoff is filled with an abundance of blind corners and buildings with, yep, lots of doorways.  People go rushing by, get caught completely off guard, and then get shot in the back.  This is great fun for the camper and spells bad news for the headless chicken.


      I generally try to avoid the center of the map because you are just too exposed.  But, working the perimeter of Standoff offers many opportunities to shoot people in the back as they run by.  The ground cover and deep corners aid the stationary camper greatly on Standoff.  I understand that most maps have these features, but, for me, this map really seems to cater to the camper the most.  You can pretty much post up or prone near any doorway and, inevitably, the opponents just race by, barely looking around and get shot.


      Camping outside either doorway or the corners near the Shop always seem to work out well for me.


      One of my favorite spots to camp is the downstairs of the Kitchen behind the chair.  I always wonder why the clock is stopped at 9:28


      What are your favorite camping spots on Standoff?  What map works best for your camping style if it's not Standoff?