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    LOL @ All you people who think K/D Matter

      I get into a lot of lobbies, some games I do great 14-2 on one map, then i'll go like 10-20 but I don't play for anything other than the team aspect and getting to just enjoy the game, I don't care for K/D. I LOL at the people in the lobbies who talk crap and say "Dude you suck your K/D is .72 HAHAHAHA" My girlfriend proved my point last night on express PERFECTLY! She laid down at the end of the train tracks on either side and just CAMPED! I call it camping cuz she litterally laid there with her MSMC and waited for someone to run by before picking them off. Some would consider that a great tactic. Anyway, she went 6-1! What's her ratio......6.00! Point proven, you do that like 10-20 matches, your K/D is going to jump up. So to all who think K/D matter....remember, this is like the first COD that they did kd so i doubt it matters THAT MUCH lol

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          I agree. My kd sucks, but I play objective base and am always in the middle am almost never on the bottom. I get good number of caps and a ton of assist. I know my role. I am never gonna dominate a game, but I try hard to be helpful for my team and that usually mean a poor kd. I just play how I enjoy and try to help more than hinder

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            I have said this a thousand times, K/D matters only in TDM and FFA....


            Take K/D out of any other game type, the score board should be as followed:


            [Player]  [Score]  [caps]  [defends]

            Tizzle     5740        9         17


            This^^^ is how the game types should be set up... none of that kill/death crap we dont care about...

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              If you're a numbers person, then skill is determined by KD, WL and SPM altogether. Somebody might have a 3.5 KD, but if their WL is 0.3, I don't consider them as a good player, I consider them a dashboarder or a kill-whorer. If someone with an amazing WL 3.2, has a KD of 0.7, chances are they are an obj player, but could sometimes hamper the team more than help. As for SPM, as long as it's not desperately low, that's cool.


              Mine: KD 2.36 WL 1.63 SPM 380'ish.

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                Didn't we have this debate last week? So is your girlfriend using you as bait this week?

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                  If you are playing TDM then the only thing that matters is k/d.   If you go 10/20 you just hurt your team, if you go 6/1 you helped your team.   FFA would be the only other place k/d matters.


                  The other thing of note is if you go 10/20 on other game modes besides TDM, you fed some one some nice kill streaks, so you hurt your team there as well!

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                      Playing objective based modes and  keeping your k/d between 1 -1.2 is acceptable. Espcially if your a rusher. You not hurting the team by doing this. It's the ones that sit and do nothing going 6-1 with no contribution to the object, that hurts the team.

                      Your K/D only matter when it comes to TDM and FFA. The deaths you give up go to the overall score of the game. In objective based modes it doesn't contribute to the overall score. But going negative all the time will hurt the team, giving scorestreaks to the other team.

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                      due you dont know what your talking about, if your playing  a match and only go 6-1, and camp, than it will show in your stats in your kill count, so yes it actually does matter..


                      like i said before any stat matters if it matters to you, other players will judge what kind of player you are by your stats, thats what they are there for..


                      by your explanation of how you play, you show to not be a consistent player, you cant get kills and hold down objectives, in which i would not want you on my team

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                        In a TDM I'd rather have your gf's 6 and 1 on my team then your 10 and 20 that is for sure.


                        KD matters in TDM, but any other game mode it is meaningless on it's own.

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                            Kd still matters, because if you cant get kills, than you cant get objectives, it also mean your dieing more which is giving the other team score streaks, which in return gets me killed, and if i get killed i cant defend flags, or capture flags etc. in return we lose... so kd does actually matter no matter what

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                            I like my nothing special KD. Its currently at 1.01 (and rising) so I never seem to be taken seriously by opposing players. At first at least. I'm no CoDgod but I'm better than my KD on its own would suggest hehe

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                              Restore_Hardcore, knows how i play, in TDM, I am usually run and gun, I go out and shoot like a mad man, if I die, I call out positions to my team mates, I consider myself bait at times. Its kinda like an old western gun fight, unless i get sniped. But even then I can say Guys sniper over here or over there, chances are when i play with my clan it works, when I play with a bunch of solo's playin tdm it doesn't cuz they don't have/use mics and dont communicate. You know how Search nd Destroy you CANT be in party chat? I think if you do online TDM or KC or any objective other than FFA you NEED to have a mic equiped. Don't talk fine but at least listen. Plus with HC, you get some douchebags who like to TK just for a care package....like really? But yeah I would rather take my 10/20 and KNOW where I'm being shot from so my team mates can avenge, rather than sit solo trapped in a corner waiting for some poor stragler to walk by and eat led. But that's my opinion. 6-1 campin, is kinda a lonewolf style, 10/20 run and gun is more team oriented for me.

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                                so lets organise a team vs team a team with a lower than 0.5 kd vs a team with over 1.5 kd on tdm and see what happpens? i could tell you that for nothing i rush around earning every kill i get so i value my kid were as others who camp hard and never move from were they spawn may say theres isnt worth so much

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                                  Mine is 1.25 and all I play is objective games. I don't care what others think but I do however like to stay anywhere from 1.20-1.30 for my own satisfaction, so i'm right in the area I want to be. I like to play with lots of different setups and try to have as much fun as I can. Now with that being said, if I start slipping due to not being as consistent with a new playstyle, then I will put the tryhard pants back on for a while to get back where I want to be and then try something new again and repeat.

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                                    i mostly play TDM and I play with a team and loan wolf at times.


                                    I would rather have a random on my team that goes 6 - 1 then a random that goes 10 -20.


                                    For objective games it matters less ya, but still a team of guys all with kd's that are 2+ will make your life much harder then a team of guys that are all less then one.


                                    It all sounds noble being the guy who dies all the time but captures stuff.  The fact is if you don't have someone who can get kills covering your arse, and you can't get kills yourself, how you even going to get close to the objective ?


                                    The problem with blops2 as I see it is a lot of players really have lost sight of the team spirit so to speak.  but then again, this game has soooo many issues/bugs etc that it's hard to take any stats seriously anymore. 

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                                        What with dashboarding it was always hard to take KD seriously anyway in previous CoDs.


                                        Ran into a KD dasher a couple of months ago, his emblem was literally 'Look at my KD bro'. He had a 2.something KD. Anyway, he started off 0-4 I believe aaaand guess what? Yep, dashboarded


                                        To me W/L and matchtype specific SPM give you a much better idea of the type of player you are facing.

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                                            I can't talk for blops1 and mw3 cos I didn't play enough of them but at least in MW2 and before I didn't notice half as much dashboarding. 


                                            I don't take WL to mean anything either because it's affected by the same problem, people dashboard you get a loss, if you play loanwolf a lot it can be hard to find a lobby with people that will stick to the game.


                                            The thing with kd is that if someone has boosted their kd it will show the moment you play them... someone could be really crap and just get carried and have a good wl ration.  


                                            In the end both stats can be boosted or made to look worse then they really should be, hence I don't regard either.  I get what you are saying though.

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                                              I think BF 3 solved that problem with the importance of KD´s perfectly!

                                              You can reset every stats you want this makes every discussion about it even more useless.

                                              Hopefully they copy that to the next cod!

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                                            K/D matters I would rather have a guy going 6-1 than a guy going 5-20 feeding the other team killstreaks, but that's just me.

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                                              Locking. We agree that W/L and simply winning is more important than K/D. This thread has existed before.


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