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    Another Hotfix, after recent patch!


      Seriously another hotfix!, like wtf the game earlier was running really smooth after the patch. and just 1 hour ago they release a hotfix, now the game is lagging even more than before. I seriously dont know wtf is that they do with those hotfixes but they get the game worse, after it was running soo fine earlier.

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          Show me some proof of it getting worse.  Record some live gameplay before and after and I will take you claim as legitimate.

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            The only thing that changed was an issue in League Play. Relax Chico.


            David Vonderhaar @DavidVonderhaar

            @hastr0 Pushed that update. Counter-UAV re-restricted. Map rotation back to how it was pre-patch. 28.709.2


            Vahn was out of town at a funeral and someone messed up part of the patch.

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              i have seen so many of these threads I take each with like a grain of salt.


              Unless they provide documented patchnotes for hotfixes (they never will) you have no room to complain. I'm pretty sure most people read on the forums about lag, play a few games die around corners (it all happens) then come back to the forums and threaten to quit the game because it is unplayable, close the forum window and load up blackops 2 again.


              hotfixes are exactly what they say. Something that can be implemented without causing major problems elsewhere. WoW does this the best. They have tons of hotfixes that cover up a problem before it can be fixed in a major title update.


              stop whining.

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                The game seemed to have improved after the patch for me.  I was in lobbies with people in my state once again and gameplay was improved over the hotfix at the end of last week. 


                Was this coincidence? 


                Maybe, but it seems after some hotfixes I see the same people in lobbies and state football  emblems,  area code clan tags etc.  The game plays pretty well for me when this is the case.


                After other hotfixes I get a lot of people that are definitely not from my local and gameplay is worse.  Obviously I am lying because I don't have a team of scientists led by stephen hawking, or classified 3arc documentation to back up my claim.


                Even more strange is that I can put in MW2, and play with people that are not even on my continent and it seems to be fine.


                I have not tried since this hotfix.


                EDIT: To clarify, I am not talking about latency issues like red bar lobbies, skipping, rubberbanding etc.   I am talking about the subtle problems with gunfights that causes you to win/lose gunfights that you should not have.

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                    I agree, I have had nothing but problems with Black Ops 2 sense the day it came out. I have always had a decent K/D ratio on the last few COD titles including a 1.95 on Black Ops 1. I dont really care about my K/D but I get really pissed off about the on going problems with Black Ops 2 that never seem to get fixed. I have multiple video's in my theater of games where I get shot by a guy who was not on screen, but in the kill cam shows him standing directly in front of me and there is no possible way I should have seen him. I have gotten tired of guy who are across the map standing behind an object can shoot you but you can only see the tip top of their heads. In that same case, I get shot dead from an enemy rounding the corner but he doesnt show up until I am already hit (if not shot dead instantly). How am I supposed to defend myself or react when I cant see them? I have tried different internet sources, sensetivity, and telelvisions trying to fix the problem. No matter what it always stays the same. Just tons of hit markers, thats if I even get a chance to shoot. Anyways, the last week or so I went back to the old COD titles such as MW1, MW2, and MW3, as well as WAW. They all play perfect to this day. I get the chance toi defend myself, a chance to fire back at enemies, and in hardcore they actually do die after a single shot. I picked up a new copy of MW1 yesterday and redownloaded the map pack, and it played great. Besides all the team killing, the matches ran great. I am not a core player, but my friend and I played core yesterday and the matches ran very smooth. The same for the other titles. If you want to get away from the problems, go back to the old school games. I still love them all.

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                    I installed the update a few hours ago. For me the game seems to have improved:


                    - I was getting long(er) range accurate kills and I could judge the movement of another player and win the fight. Before I'd more often die in fights that I should have won.

                    - I was also getting killed in a fair way, especially by snipers. There were a couple of players that were really good and the times they killed me made sense. I could see them line up their shot and in the kill cam the hit marker was right on my head / upper chest.


                    Unusually though there was a single player that was lagging. This person was lagging old school style. Rather than odd things happening throughout the game (unexplained deaths and dodgy hit markers as a result of everyone lagging) this player was just skipping across the screen a little but nobody else was affected. I only got in 3 games but under normal conditions they'd all be bad.


                    I was expecting the forum to be full of posts about improvements but maybe I've just had a lucky night?

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                        Not seeing any change here <UK>

                        Lobbies are still widespread locations and a lagfest at times.

                        One lobby contained two UK players <inc me> French  portugese, italians and Japanese <no kidding>


                        Last night had guys from the US and china.

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                            One day the interweb will allow all of us to play without connection errors...one day....

                            Seriously though back in the day I used to get in matches with people across the globe on Halo 3 and never had any lag issues. Would literally play against a clan from Spain and the game would play fine. Its the COD servers.