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    The HC Teamkilling rules are maliciously stupid

      I average 60-20 (kills-deaths) in HC:KC games. I'm the top score nearly every single game. The fact that I get kicked 1 out of every 5 games for teamkills is ridiculous. You cannot prevent morons from running through your line of fire to collect tags, you cannot prevent people from running under your killstreaks after you've released a lightning strike or hellstorm etc. Not to mention a run and gun style gameplay like KC requires you to stay in motion to collect the objective.


      There are an infinite amount of methods you can use to improve the current one. The sad state of this game could easily be improved if treyarch focused on game mechanics rather than silly peripheral improvements like twitchtv support or emblem additions.


      Why is there no voting system implemented like every single other game in the history of gaming? Why can you not have a tier system for teamkills? For instance, 3 TKs your spawn delay becomes 15-20 seconds and extends exponentially for every TK after? I won't even get in to the silly probationary garbage you've implemented nor the fact that the netcode is horrendously bad regarding lag compensation.


      Can someone explain to me why this TK system for HC is implemented?


      Get your employees off facebook and make them work? Genius!