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        30. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

        They can manage the upper and lower ping limits for lobbies and enforce rules that kick players that do not meet.  They can adjust the rewind time.


        I dunno, just do whatever the original IW team did.  MW3 even works now after 23 patches from the guys at sledgehammer.


        I don't want to always win, I just want to minimize the times where I die due to factors out of my control.  If they are unable/unwilling to accomplish this, a feat that has been accomplished by FPS developers for going on 15 years, BO2 is just a party game.

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          31. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

          Actually they can very easily...here are some things:


          1. Add 50ms ping search(This was in past CoD. WHy they removed it I have no idea).


          2. Make MM search extensive with an up to 5-10 second wait period to determine best quality(this seemed to be in past CoD. It might have just been laggy MM process, but the search seemed to have a minimum wait time to expand player and host selection process.)


          3. Lower Skill-basis of matchmaking. (this also appears to be raised from past CoD). In this CoD I get players from all over the continent and other continents. I constantly get high K/D lobbies with players as far as the opposite side of the US...IN Past CoDs it was almost always EAST coast players...usually New England, New york, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, with some canadian players mixed in. Part of this is latency based...but even with raised ping search, it should be looking to MINIMIZE the ping where possible. The fact that my lobbies get more high K/D often and I get players all over the continent suggests to me that the game is primarily skill-based search.


          Also...skill basis was more consistent in december(mix of low and high)...They changed that in January and raised skill-basis ten-fold(most lobbies I join have everyone over a 1.0 k/d). Probably because league play failed miserably.


          4. Add more Search Preferences with Lag measure options in the search that affect quality.


          5. Section off MM into inter-continental units. Examples of this was what Blizzard use to do with Online servers. US EAST...US WEST...etc.


          I would say you could probably seperate into 6 Basic search sections:


          - Asian Pacific

          - European

          - US west(would include western canada and some pacific islands)

          - US central(would include mexico and central america)

          - US Northeast(would include eastern canada and a few mid atlantic islands)

          - US Southeast(would include the caribbean and northeast South America including brazil)


          That would be a basic example...

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            32. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

            Fact is, there is an over compensation issue. Vahn does not admit to any issue at all. Meanwhile the number of players continues to drop. This means there will be less players buying future dlc. This is bad business mr v. Did you lose your mind? Fixed game = more players = more dlc sales. Good day sir...

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              33. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

              Lag is not the issue. it is the over compensation that weaker connections get. Which makes them much harder to shoot, specially when they run around the corner, sit down, set up a picnic, have tea, take a power nap, then shoot you before you even see them at all. All games need compensation, but they over did it with this and yes it can be fixed. But, one certain moron wont admit that this exist. You're fired sir V...

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                34. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

                Yeah but with the Skillbased matchmaking there's no more pub stomping.... I find it sooo hard to find a 100 plus gameplay on YouTube !

                    If they fixed the matchmaking it would solve ALOT of problems .

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                  35. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update


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                    36. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

                    perhaps the issue is partially on your local network setup?  do you have a firewall on your modem/router between the internet and your xbox? are you using a fast DNS server to connect to the internet? are you having a worse experience during specific times of day?  Peak traffic on your ISP could be an issue and as someone else said, skill based matchmaking is a factor.  I can stomp people in the AM due to lower population of higher skilled players but when its between 8-12PM when the game's population nearly doubles, i have a harder time going on as many sprees.  Lots of factors and it's hardly a universal problem.  With me it's intermittent at most and there's usually someone with a really dicey connection in the game that could be causing the issues if he's host but often times they're not and they're just a nuissance when you encounter them.

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                      37. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

                      I didn't know there is so many issues :O

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                        38. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

                        50 down 5 up hardwired, port triggered. This is "more" than enough to play a game with minimal lag. I tend to go six out of ten games with no issue at all, then flip the switch, I'll have four games of walking up behind a camper, unloading from 1 foot away into the back of his head, "sometimes a hit marker", then he turns around and instakills me. And it will be the whole team sponging bullets, not just the one. So 60/40 is not a good ratio, it is definately a sign that something is out of whack.. this is where you will say it is a weak host, I admit there are some weak hosts that somehow get to host the game, but it simply cannot be that so often, would'nt they get dropped if the connection was'nt good enough to host in the first place? I am well aware of the several factors that affect lag, afterall, I've been playing these games since doom first came out on pc...

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                          39. Re: Another Kinda Pointless Update

                          They can polish a turd, all day, every day, they'll still end up with the same result.......


                          It's still a turd.

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