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    Target Finder is your friend or A funny thing happened on the way to the fruit stand.

      So, last night I'm playing TDM on Yemen and I'm campin...er...Securing a Zone (TM). Specifically, the fruit stand. I have a buddy securing the area to the right of me and a Betty across the street. I have a MK48 with Target Finder (don't judge) and the other team JUST. KEEPS. COMING. They literally don't change course. We end up winning 75-23 and I go 25-1.


      I get two messages from the same dude calling me an "aimbot" pxxxy and one telling me my IP has been reported. The aimbot claim doesn't bother me because hey if I'm playing so well that someone thinks I'm cheating then to that I say "thanks!" But, the reporting thing does get under my skin a bit although I'm not sure how one gets their "IP reported."


      Is that even possible?