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    Im a free agent looking for a good clan! (Xbox)

      Hey guy's im really sick of playing solol and would like a group of cool guys to game with everytime i get online.


      Im a very good player, Who loves to win!!!. I play the Objective hard and am a really big team player.


      I would prefer a uk/ europe because the lag is horrible when i play with americans/canadians


      My stats


      1.38 K/D


      SPM 357


      Master Prestige


      Message me on xbox live with info about your clan thats the best way to contact me!


      Hope to hear from from you guys!



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          Re: Im a free agent looking for a good clan! (Xbox)

          check out Ashes of The innoncent (AoTi) we are a very active global clan with other 60 active members many being in europe that play on multiple consoles, xbox, ps3, wii and pc, our ps3 is active in the clan challanges and has gold tags, our xbox division is active in the leagues, we have a structured ranking system so we are not a messy clan, we have our own website, forums and xat chat so finding people to team up with is easy, visit our website ai-hq.com to find out more about us and to fill out an application

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            Re: Im a free agent looking for a good clan! (Xbox)

            Cheake out darkgate I has 5 members currently and they are skilled. You must partisipate in the clan ops so we can level up and grow my gt is badplum ifyour interested then u can message me we relie on stealth and flankingin objective games have a nice day

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              Re: Im a free agent looking for a good clan! (Xbox)

              Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.



              A little more information:


              We have game nights where we get together and play public lobbies

              We have 3 Battalions

                       1st Battalion The Americas

                       2nd Battalion Europe

                       3rd Battalion Australia

              We support both XBOX and PS3 versions of Black Ops 2

              We have 400 members within the three Brigades

                        CoD Brigade (Call of Duty Black Ops2) (7 squads)

                        BF Brigade (Battlefield 3) (12 Squads)

                        Mercs Brigade (HALO 4) (2 squads)



              What Console ARMY has to offer:



              Online Community






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