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    Expectation of ammount of players on the dlc day.





      I was wondering.. we have around 10k players around at the moment, and at top 30k. From that number, around 3% has the season pass.

      Around 30% is probally gonna buy the dlc, so we have around 33% with the dlc. The dlc will probally have a special playlist,


      With this post and his random numbers, my quess is that we will have around 4k players in the dlc playlist. Thats a low number and will mean more lag ( due to connecting people from everywhere to fill a lobby. )


      So your wondering, silentshot, whats the real meaning of the post? Well here it is, is it actually worth it to buy the new maps? We all like new maps and for the first time a new gun, but then again, does that mean more lag and a worse gameplay?



      What do you guys think?










      The ammount of players is real, the ammount of players buying dlc and having the playlist is completely random thought, just a quess from me used as demonstration.