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    Glitch? Not sure if to post here :3

      So I was playing black ops 2 on the 1/27/13 (The double XP weekend for the revolution DLC) and everything was going fine. I went off call of duty for a bit and went to play some other games. When I went back on Black Ops 2 it said I had been reset. My 2 extra CaC slots I got from prestieging dissapered and all my classes reset. My permanently unlocked stuff dissapeared aswell (I lost scavenger D:) so I was a bit annoyed at this moment in time. I have recently prestiged to Prestige 3 and used my Prestige award. Well it didn't give me my extra CaC slot, I never recieved my Permanent unlock, Orbital VSAT was unlocked when I prestiged and I never unlocked it or have never used it. Please help me solve this problem...