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    FinalStand Gaming  - Brand new. Looking for members

      I had a clan, it was cool but then people just stopped being active so I'm starting fresh, starting new. FinalStand Gaming, FSG, is recruiting anyone with at least a .90 K/D OR that can prove they are good (i.e snipers/feeders). No excuses about "Oh I play the objective so my K/D is low". I play the objective and I can still hold at 1.xx K/D. I'm looking for good players that win but also know how to keep their composure when we lose. I'm also about having fun. I love joking around between matches and stuff. If you're looking for a clan and you're cool with my requirements then hmu with a message either here or on XBL: iKN C0NFL1CT (iKN was my old clan name, will be changing it soon to FinaL C0NFL1CT).