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    Die Rise has to be the Funnest Zombies Map

      I've never had more fun playing zombies with a  group of friends while playing Die Rise. Everything about this map from design, to buildables make this map such a joy to play. Even all the glitches in it, such as the "zombie dispenser", or the little spots where the zombies can't touch you make this map what it is. Honestly, I'd expect this map to be the season ender, like "Moon" for Black Ops I, because of the hard work that went into creating this map. So if Treyarch keeps improving, which they usually do, I can't wait to see the next zombie map.


      Good Times in Die Rise : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Nw_euF56g&feature=youtu.be


      What do you think of Die Rise?