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    Stats reset like everyone else need account restoration

      My stats reset when I was logging in to my own ps3. I cant see how that would appear corrupt or why you would as a company just reset someone's stats if it was and not just suspend in entirely. I would have loved not to be on this forum however when I click on the request form it asks me to log in and link my account in which I do and there is no form and no ticket created. No E-mail notification or anything under "my cases" nothing but an endless circle of click the same link that have tried on a tablet my cell phone and my pc. Further more I also like how outside of this forum it it amazingly difficult to find a contact number, get web chat support, or just an E-mai addyl?!?!?! I feel like an idiot having recently purchasing the season pass and this game. I wish i could get my money back and put it in to battlefield 3. Now since I know that will ever happen... the question .... How does one get there stats restored back with all my achievment's, prestige ranks, and all weapon perks and unlocks that I have completed thus far.

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          Finally got link to work on thursday.. been a while does anyone know bout how long till they normally get around to it ?!

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            same thing happened to me yesturday i dont even know how i was 10 prestige level 39 and now im just not even leveled up!! i hope i get my rank back because i worked hard for everything i got

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              Happened to me today
              I was in a game, I was lagging, so I left

              After that my stats were reset


              I filled in the web form today, and I'm waiting for a reply

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                Cutpurse is showing as disabled id for the forum boards not able to pm:(

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                  If you have not contacted Activision Customer Support.

                  Please review this Knowledge Base article. In it you will find explanations and a link to a form fill out.


                  My Rank and Stats Have Been Unexpectedly Reset

                  Note: If applicable, please link your Gamertag or SEN ID to your ELITE profile before starting this process.

                  If you have contacted Activision Customer Support.

                  Please continue to contact them through channel that you chose to do so. Here is a list of the most common channels.


                  Contacting Customer Support


                  Twitter & Facebook availability: Considered 24/7

                  Can a moderator fix my issue?

                  No. We cannot not provide or answer for Customer Support. Please forward all questions to them.


                  ClaireJeepChick | Forum Moderator

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                    I wont be mad if you fix my account by 11 am central got the day off tomorrow!!

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                      Hello my Friends all over the world,


                      The following story about me and my best friend ps3 Black ops2 started at a Sunday afternoon.

                      I was sitting in the kitchen and had a coffee and a cigarette. What a wonderful breakfast,what a beautiful "morning".


                      After that my ps3 starts automatically with my old friend Blops2, he expects me to have a game with him.

                      I killed one , two maybe 10 guys at one single round and smashed my killstreaks all over the map with a big smile about my skills.

                      The session with my buddy tooks a really long time without going to toilett or any mistakes in my game. I coached myself to be a BOSS.


                      After a while of hardcore gaming and no doping I made my last game.

                      It was 2.00 am. A shiver was running down my spin.


                      And the disaster was on his way. My buddy reported: Dear friend we lost the conncetion of our homebase. I can´t to anythink. Sorry my friend.

                      I think to myself "no problem dude!" we starts over again and look hopefull forward.


                      After a restart; I felt frightend.


                      I listened to urban legends about rank degrade which happens in many cases.


                      I felt the deadness of the night deep in my soul. I worked hard fo prestige 3 lvl 41  and it´s all gone in one single second.

                      I hurts like hell.I can´t believe what happend. My actuall rank ist prestige 0 lvl 5 =(



                      And the devil will i do and level-up to my old BOSS rank.




                      Please dear Mr. Activision and Mrs. Treyarch,



                      I need your help to rescue me out of the darkness.

                      Look at my profil FlattyGibson and you will see that it's not my fault to get a kind of bitchslap like this.


                      sincerly Christopher Beck (C.B.)


                      P.S: Sorry for my dangerous english! I´m a german guy avoiding the english lessons and I´d rather stay at home and game the days away.

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                        Nope nothing still. I love the support page though how it just spins you in circles to get to a stat reset form that says it takes up to 24 hours. You should change that btw cause that no where in the time ive been waiting. My cases says I created my ticket two days later than I did. get it together we are at our jobs all day and some of us like to play this game when we get off where it takes several months to get where I was. If I treated my customers like this giving them the run around and un-realistic wait times for service completion I would have fired a while ago

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                          Here's the deal .... click the link jeep girl posted for the stat reset request form. If the system sends you in a loop and not to the the form unlink ur cod profile clear ur cookies close out ur webbrowser relog into your account click the stat request link again and it should work..... however they will take 7-10 business days to get around to you. But its the only way sucks but mine is now restored. Mostly atleast...