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    Playing without toughness.

      I guess I am just not that good of a player, or haven't gotten good enough but It seems toughness is a must. I have been trying to get gold in all SMGs so when I take all perks off I really struggle killing people. I get probably 20 assist a game without toughness which is really frustrating. One thing I have noticed and I am not sure if it just me or if anyone else is having this same issue, is that when I am shot without toughness my gun will stop shooting even with my finger pressed down on the trigger. I know that you jump real hard when shot without it but I would still be shooting wouldn't I? There have been times when I meet head on with a guy with a silenced weapon and my gun is not silenced and when shot all I hear is the silencer even with my finger on the trigger. I do think they should nerf the flinch without toughness just a bit because not so great players like myself seem to really struggle without it. I try not complain about anything cause it is just a game but just a tad less flinch would allow me to use something other than toughness without using the 2 second tier perks.