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    stats messed up after a local match :( PLEASE HELP

      hi my name is adan.my name on psn is iHateAdan and after playing a local match i had a message pop up saying that my stats were reset but thats not what exactly happend. i am 3rd prestige level 50 and i had 8 create a class slots but now only have 5.i have some calling cards that i didnt even earn and it says the most used weapon i have is the balistic knife saying i have 0.00% accuracy with it.if ive "used" it the most then why does it say that?thats how i know this is a problem! some of the stats that were reset were for example all of my scorestreaks that ive used before.also i have over 100 unlock tokens!thats crazy.i feel like having all these false achievements is pointless if i didnt play and earned them all myself. so PLEASE TREYARCH OR ACTIVISION FIX MY STATS AND MAKE EVERYTHING GO BACK TO NORMAL!!